TOP 10 Climate Change Lies Exposed

Global Warming HOAX.jpg

WITHOUT a shadow of a doubt, the greatest scientific hoax ever perpetrated against mankind is that human’s modern life (including your sandwich) is causing catastrophic “climate change” or “global warming” or “climate disruption” or “climate breakdown”, depending on the day and the activist concerned.

THIS must watch 5 minute video, backed up by peer-reviewed-scientific-evidence and verifiable government data, exposes the climate fraud rather masterfully…

Top 10 Climate Change Lies Exposed – YouTube

  • Scientific Sources – Global Warmth


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6 Comments on “TOP 10 Climate Change Lies Exposed”

  1. Denis Rancourt says:

    Not every statement made in the video is true (I found a few that I would object to) but the message of the video is the truth.


    • Jamie Spry says:

      I object to being told our “sandwich” is killing the planet while the globalist, climate-obsessed elites who push this BS sip champagne and eat caviar in 6 feet of snow in Davos.

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      • Jamie Spry says:

        “Not every statement made in the video is true (I found a few that I would object to)” Be interested to hear your ‘objections’ and correct the record Dennis… Cheers


  2. Denis Rancourt says:

    “Be interested to hear your ‘objections’ and correct the record Dennis” —- They are small points compared to the overall message:
    1. I don’t believe that there is reliable measured surface temperature data that establishes a mean global warming that occurred on the time-scale of industrialization. The video appears to accept this point. Just me and a few crazy others.
    2. At 0:58, the red trend-line on “Violent Storms” cannot be justified using accepted trend analysis methods. At best, any trend on this data is not significant.
    3. Ibid. for “Tornadoes” at 1:05. Although, a much smaller downward trend may be justified, depending on the “error” on the measured data.
    4. At 2:54 “Plants were so stressed they evolved C4 species”. Stress does not cause evolution. Enviro changes cause relative advantages and disadvantages to existing or spontaneously emerged species. The comment “CO2 starvation” is a bit strong, but fine in a POV report.
    5. At 3:57: Satellite measurement of mean global temperature are not “super accurate”. (I personally think the “pause” arose because the data could not continue to be manipulated to sustain such a large fabricated “warming” as in the previous decades of data manipulation.)
    6. At 5:35, re CO2 solubility in ocean versus temperature… This subject is more complex than suggested in the video. There is a deficit of 50% of produced CO2 that is not in the atmosphere but why does atmospheric CO2 increase despite the much larger carbon pools and exchanges…? (I wrote about this elsewhere…)


  3. TOP 10 Climate Change Lies Exposed — Climatism – Science is distorted by progressive philosophy says:

    […] via TOP 10 Climate Change Lies Exposed — Climatism […]


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