Bulk Battery Storage of Wind Power a Myth

Shock news.

Though even if it were possible, imagine how many new mines would be needed to be dug to extract the toxic components needed to make all them batteries.

That said, the Greens and the global warming faith would naturally turn a blind eye to the mining and toxic waste, just as they turn a blind eye to the catastrophic bird and bat slaughter wreaked by windmills, as well the devastating health effects infrasound has on people’s lives and on the animals that inhabit wind farm zones.



In the fall-out over South Australia’s wind powered economic and social calamity, the line has been repeatedly spun about fixing the mess with ‘rapidly improving battery storage technology’.

It is little more than a ‘smoke and mirrors’ pitch by the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers, designed to deflect attention from the fact that wind power is meaningless as a power source, abandoned centuries ago for very obvious reasons – eg, SA’s wind power output during July:

SA Jul 16

Even if storing Terawatt/hours of electricity produced by these things – when it wasn’t needed, in order to deliver it when it might be – was technically possible the cost of the power delivered would be astronomical, as this little Mythbusting analysis makes plain.

The Holy Grail of Battery Storage
Energy Matters
Roger Andrews
18 August 2016

A recent Telegraph article claims that storage battery technology is now advancing so fast that “we…

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Another Flannery Fail: Geothermal Power Plant Project Scrapped

Tim Flannery.

No other comment needed.

Other than to mention that despite his myriad of alarmist dud-predictions resulting in costly, failed unreliable (green) energy solutions – geothermal, failed windmills, $12 billion of mothballed desal plants, to name a few, the Government funded ABC continues to default to him as their resident climate expert!?

The groupthink, warmist activists over at the ABC, never once questioning or holding him to account for his litany of green failures and dud-predictions, costing taxpayers literally billions upon billions of dollars.

But once again, the worst Flannery and his climate change alarmist cronies can ever be accused of, for failed alarmist predictions resulting in massive taxpayer-dollar waste, is an excess of virtue, in order to “Save the planet”.


PA Pundits - International

Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Another green energy fail:

A potential energy source in Australia is set to remain untapped, with a geothermal power project in the far north of South Australia now closed.

Energy company Geodynamics closed and remediated the sites of several test wells and generation plants in the Cooper Basin after deciding they were not financially viable.

Professor Tim Flannery (Former Australian Climate Change Commissioner)Professor Tim Flannery (Former Australian Climate Change Commissioner)

So who spruiked it? Climate catastrophist Tim Flannery:

There are hot rocks in South Australia that potentially have enough embedded energy in them to run Australia’s economy for the best part of a century. They are not being fully exploited yet but the technology to extract that energy and turn it into electricity is relatively straightforward….

But we’ve totally ignored the technologies that really, I think, have a lot of potential to do the job very cost effectively such as geothermal and solar…

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Claim: Countries which favour Nuclear Power are Not Making Enough Effort to Install Renewables

“Unless you are lucky enough to have the right geography for large scale hydro, nuclear is the only proven low carbon means of producing reliable biddable baseload power.

To argue that countries which have a strong commitment to nuclear power are not “doing their bit” to reduce CO2 emissions in my opinion is total lunacy.”

Couldn’t agree more.

Watts Up With That?

University of Sussex Campus, Arts building. University of Sussex Campus, Arts building. CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37878

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

University of Sussex and Vienna School of International Studies are concerned that countries with policies which favour nuclear power aren’t making enough effort to reduce CO2 emissions by installing solar power and wind turbines.

University of Sussex Press Release;

Pro-nuclear countries making slower progress on climate targets

With Hinkley Point deal hanging in the balance, study casts fresh doubts over future of nuclear energy in Europe

A strong national commitment to nuclear energy goes hand in hand with weak performance on climate change targets, researchers at the University of Sussex and the Vienna School of International Studies have found.

A new study of European countries, published in the journal Climate Policy, shows that the most progress towards reducing carbon emissions and increasing renewable energy sources – as set out in the EU’s 2020 Strategy…

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South Australian Debacle Shows Wind Power a ‘Proven Failure’


“South Australia is suffering from a power crisis because it has [shut] so many coal plants in favor.”

“Household electricity prices in Australia have risen by more than 40 percent between 2007 and 2012, the same period when the government offered lucrative wind subsidies.”

Power prices in Australian states with a lot of wind power are almost double the rates in other states. Australia’s reliance on wind power risks damaging the country’s power grid because the amount of electricity generated by a wind turbine is very intermittent and doesn’t coincide with the times of day when power is most needed.”


“Exactly the same arguments can be made regarding solar power.

The entire solar and wind industry is surely based on extravagant government subsidies, not just in Australia but around the world. China has recently declared a moratorium on more wind power in some regions. The energy is neither predictable nor efficiently stored.”


SA Jul 16

It took the wind power disaster to unfold in South Australia before mainstream media started to notice the bleeding obvious: these things don’t work – on any level. Slowly, but surely the press have pounced – attacking the causes and consequences of pouring $billions in subsidies at a power generation system which can only be seen as a proven failure. Here’s The Daily Bell joining the chorus.

Australia Finds Out Wind Power Doesn’t Really Work
The Daily Bell
17 August 2016

Trust in public power companies misplaced … Former Labor minister Patrick Conlon urges carbon price to fix electricity system … A SENIOR Labor figure is urging a carbon price on electricity to lower household bills by kickstarting investment in new-generation power plants. – The Advertiser

Australian politicians have been obsessed with taxing carbon ever since the tax was briefly imposed and then repealed in mid-2104 by former prime minister…

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Claim: Funding Cuts an “Existential Threat” to Aussie Renewables Research

Q: “What do you call a field of energy research so economically useless that it is utterly dependent on government funding for its very existence?”

A: A field that researches and obsesses over: Intermittent, inefficient, unwanted, costly, weather dependant, feel-good, unreliable energy – Wind and Solar.

Watts Up With That?


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

What do you call a field of energy research so economically useless that it is utterly dependent on government funding for its very existence? We may be about to find out, thanks to the desperation of cash strapped Aussie politicians fighting to retain Australia’s shaky AAA credit rating.

Australian Renewable Energy Agency funding cuts will lead to ANU job losses: Andrew Blakers

Dozens of researchers at the Australian National University in Canberra will lose their jobs if cuts to Australia’€™s renewable energy research agency are passed by the Parliament, according to one of the sector’s pioneers.

Deep cuts to the funding of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, contained in the Turnbull government’s omnibus “œbudget repair” bill before the Parliament this week, is an “existential threat” to clean energy innovation in Australia, Professor Andrew Blakers says.

Professor Blakers, a world leader in renewables research…

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Climate change to wipe out coffee

“The climate models which Fairtrade uses to justify their position have never demonstrated predictive skill.

“All this artificially imposed energy poverty and hardship for the sake of unproven predictions, from climate models which have never gotten anything right.”

Without overheated climate models, there would be no trillion dollar climate crisis, nor the need to bloviate “save the planet” climate virtue that ends up causing real harm via draconian climate policy, leading to fuel poverty that hurts the poorest in society.

Meanwhile, in the real world, coffee crops worldwide continue record harvests…


Watts Up With That?

Coffee Beans Coffee Beans. By Harald Hoyer from Schwerin, Germany (Coffee Beans) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia CommonsFairtrade Commissions Climate Coffee Fear Report

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Fairtrade, a charity which attempts to offer an alternative to third world coffee buying cartels, to ensure vulnerable farmers receive a decent price for their crop, has produced a report which demands urgent climate action. But in my opinion Fairtrade are ignoring the very real hardship climate action would impose on the poor people Fairtrade tries to help.

A Brewing Storm: The climate change risks to coffee

Coffee is a key global crop and the second most valuable commodity exported by developing countries, worth around US$19 billion in 2015. Worldwide, around 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed each day. Nearly half of all Australians drink coffee regularly. The coffee market is growing, but faces big challenges coming up fast:

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Blotting Out Global Warming Fantasies…

Anthropogenic “climate change”, and the control of carbon dioxide (energy), has deep roots in a radical, yet gravely misguided campaign to reduce the world’s population.

A misanthropic agenda engineered by the environmental movement in the mid 1970’s, who realised that doing something about “global warming” would play to quite a number of its social agendas.

The goal was advanced, most notably, by The Club Of Rome (Environmental consultants to the UN) – a group of mainly European scientists and academics, who used computer modelling to warn that the world would run out of finite resources if population growth were left unchecked.

In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that .. the threat of global warming.. would fit the bill.. the real enemy, then, is humanity itself….” – Club Of Rome

Climate Change alarmism is born out of the theory or belief that human-produced carbon dioxide will fry the planet, melt the ice caps, and destroy all life on earth. The idea being to sow enough fear of man-made climate change to force global cutbacks in industrial activity and halt Third World development.

The agenda driven, and in more recent times, money driven fear-mongering is largely succeeding, as western governments fall prey to the populist eco-agenda of climate – enacting draconian climate/energy policy that is curtailing western growth and stifling development in the third world.

This post from “Pindanpost” lists a few of the latest examples of empirical and hard scientific data of why catastrophic human-induced climate change is the biggest scientific scandal ever foisted on humanity, and why you shouldn’t be so alarmed!

At the very least, the “science” definitely ain’t “settled”…


Paper after paper, reports, articles, posts, tweets and more scientific papers all point to the global warming agenda as nothing but activist fallacies and failed agendas. For a start, today’s first few items on Climate Depot demolish a number of Green fantasies:

Go to Climate Depot and check out all the rest.

Four new papers on sea-levels are also debunking the global warming agenda here  at notrickzone

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Overestimated global warming over the past 20 years

97% of climate models say that 97% of climate scientists are wrong.


By Paul Homewood



It’s three years old, but I don’t recall it at the time, and it’s still highly relevant:

Global mean surface temperature over the past 20 years (1993–2012) rose at a rate of 0.14 ± 0.06 °C per decade (95% confidence interval). This rate of warming is significantly slower than that simulated by the climate models participating in Phase 5 of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP5). To illustrate this, we considered trends in global mean surface temperature computed from 117 simulations of the climate by 37 CMIP5 models (see Supplementary Information).

These models generally simulate natural variability — including that associated with the El Niño–Southern Oscillation and explosive volcanic eruptions — as well as estimate the combined response of climate to changes in greenhouse gas concentrations, aerosol abundance (of sulphate, black carbon and organic carbon, for example), ozone concentrations (tropospheric and stratospheric), land use (for example…

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MALDIVES 🇲🇻 Opening Four New Underwater Airports

This ‘Notalotofpeopleknowthat’ post is from a while back, but worth a reminder that when you take out the key drivers of the climate alarm industry – emotions, groupthink, virtue signalling, moral and political posturing, and get back to the ‘science’ of non-emotional analysis of hard data, there simply is no sea-level rise “crisis”.

If there was, or sea-level rise was “accelerating” so dangerously, due to human activity, as we are repeatedly mis-informed by the climate crisis industry, developers would not risk billions investing in long-term infrastructure projects only meters from the seashore!

More hard data on the tropical island sea-level rise fraud here 👉 44th Pacific “Sinking Islands” Extortion Forum (COP21 Update 2015) https://climatism.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/44th-pacific-sinking-islands-extortion-forum/


By Paul Homewood


While Louise Gray was wetting her knickers in the Daily Telegraph at the prospect of handing over billions of our money to compensate low lying island states, and our ludicrous Energy Secretary, Ed Davey, talked about helping “people who are losing their countries below the waves”, the Maldives have been busy getting on with life in the real world.

During the past year, they have been busy building four new airports.

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Climate Alarms LOL


Science Matters

We skeptics enjoyed immensely the expert satire of Yes Prime Minister directed at the foibles of climate hysteria.  That clip was available at my post Laughing at Climate Change.

Now we find there was another even more skewering into the soft underbelly of the beast.  H/T Global Warming Policy Foundation (here).

“Computer models are no different from fashion models: seductive, unreliable, easily corrupted, and they lead sensible people to make fools of themselves.” –Jim Hacker, Yes, Prime Minister

The video was blocked by BBC in my country (Canada), but GWPF helpfully provides the transcript of the juicy bits:

Later in Act One, Scene Two
The phone rings. They all look at it.

Claire Hello? It’s the BBC again. I see. Thanks. (She hangs up.) Piling on the agony. A big new story about global warming has just broken, they’re adding that to the Sunday programme too. Global…

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