July 1916 – US Hit By Two Major Hurricanes Within Ten Days

Real Science

Major hurricanes are very rare in July, but in 1916 the US was hit by two of them within ten days.

By contrast, the US has not been hit by a major hurricane in almost nine years. Climate experts say hurricanes are getting worse.

ScreenHunter_1455 Jul. 31 00.03ScreenHunter_1454 Jul. 31 00.01

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The Death Spiral Of Mark Serreze’ Arctic Propaganda Continues

Real Science

Arctic ice extent is getting dangerously close to crossing the 1979-2000 median. This is what the government’s leading Arctic expert calls a “death spiral.”  Mark also calls me “breathtakingly ignorant” for calling him on his BS over the past decade.

ScreenHunter_1456 Jul. 31 05.29

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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The Collapse Of The Roman Empire Is The Story Of America In 2014

Strike Six For The Climate Crooks

Real Science

  1. Antarctic sea ice extent is at a record high
  2. Arctic sea ice extent is the highest in ten year
  3. Parts of Antarctica had their coldest June ever
  4. The US is having one of its coldest summers ever
  5. The North Pole is having its coldest summer ever
  6. Satellites show no warming for 17 years.

Yet the scamsters at NOAA/NASA claim Earth is experiencing the hottest weather ever. What a complete load of crap, and astonishing that they have the gall to make such claims – particularly after talking about polar amplification all these years.

They simply come up with a magic formula to generate the desired results, and turn a blind eye to the fact that it doesn’t make any sense.

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Forty Years Ago, Scientists Blamed The Polar Vortex On Global Cooling

Real Science

Depending on which scam they are currently being funded by, scientists blame the polar vortex alternatively on global warming and global cooling.

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Scientists have found other indications of global cooling. For one thing there has been a noticeable expansion of the great belt of dry, high-altitude polar winds —the so-called circumpolar vortex—that sweep from west to east around the top and bottom of the world. Indeed it is the widening of this cap of cold air that is the immediate cause of Africa’s drought.

TIME Magazine Archive Article — Another Ice Age? — Jun. 24, 1974

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UN Pushing The Same Arctic Ice Scam For Almost 45 Years

Real Science

In 1971, the UN said that humans were melting polar ice and it could raise sea level by 7 meters.

ScreenHunter_1367 Jul. 28 07.25

ScreenHunter_1368 Jul. 28 07.27

Time Magazine reported a 12% increase in Arctic ice in that same year.

ScreenHunter_1369 Jul. 28 07.31

Climatologist George J. Kukla of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory and his wife Helena analyzed satellite weather data for the Northern Hemisphere, they found that the area of the ice and snow cover had suddenly increased by 12% in 1971 and the increase has persisted ever since.

TIME Magazine Archive Article — Another Ice Age? — Jun. 24, 1974

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The Pause: warmaholics tie themselves in knots

Australian Climate Madness

Anemometers at ten paces Anemometers at ten paces

This is the awkward result when reality confronts ideology.

According to Un-Skeptical Pseudo-Science, the Pause is just a myth:

Climate myth… It hasn’t warmed since 1998

“For the years 1998-2005, temperature did not increase. This period coincides with society’s continued pumping of more CO2 into the atmosphere.” (Bob Carter)

No, it hasn’t been cooling since 1998. Even if we ignore long term trends and just look at the record-breakers, that wasn’t the hottest year ever. Different reports show that, overall, 2005 was hotter than 1998. What’s more, globally, the hottest 12-month period ever recorded was from June 2009 to May 2010.

And in case that turns out not to be correct, there’s always a fallback position:

“There’s also a tendency for some people just to concentrate on surface air temperatures when there are other, more useful [yeah, more useful all right… more useful to plug…

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