UNESCO ‘Green’ Lights The Reef – Activists Exposed As Liars And Frauds

It doesn’t matter what is true,
it only matters what people believe is true
– Paul Watson,
co-founder of Greenpeace

The only way to get our society to truly change is to
frighten people with the possibility of a catastrophe
– emeritus professor Daniel Botkin



Pic source : Hook and Hardy Reef, Great Barrier Reef | David Doubilet’s Marine Life Pictures | Photo Galleries and News Photos | News Pictures and Photos | dailytelegraph.com.au


via Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog :

Greens marooned on the Reef

The Sunday Mail nails it:

With UNESCO giving the Reef a clean bill of health in a long-awaited report, the likes of Greenpeace, WWF, GetUp and the Australian Marine Conservation Society have been discredited and should not be permitted to peddle their lies in Queensland. In fact, the green movement’s role in this sorry debacle exposes them as frauds

The UNESCO report accepted that enough has been done by Australia to stop the destruction of the Reef. The trigger for the UNESCO probe was the Port of Gladstone expansion to cater for the boom in coal and coal seam gas exports, featuring the biggest dredging project in Australia’s history. Despite heavy conditions and environmental regulations, the greenies jumped on the issue which allowed them to link coal exports to climate change and the Reef.

For the Queensland tourism industry, the possibility of a UNESCO listing of the Great Barrier Reef as endangered would have had catastrophic implications for the state. It would have sent a message to tourists that the Reef had lost its lustre. But of course, the conservationists don’t have time for the trivialities of an industry worth billions every year to the economy…

The Greens are a major threat to the Queensland economy, fuelled by the Labor Left’s love affair with the movement and its capacity to stop progress…

The Great Barrier Reef tick of approval from UNESCO has exposed the state’s eco-warriors as the kings of deceit and lies. They should not be given a platform for their views because they have proven they are not capable of being honest and candid.


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Greenpeace cons you about the Reef. How can you trust a word it says

The Greenpeace ad, claiming our Great Barrier Reef is being destroyed:


But wait. That picture of dead coral is actually of coral in the Philippines, and was lifted from another Greenpeace publication:


Even more amazing, Greenpeace had actually used that picture to demonstrate how coral killed by a cyclone could actually grow back. Don’t panic!

Apo Island’s community-managed marine sanctuary is considered one of the best of its kind in the world. Established in the mid1980s, the sanctuary became a beacon of hope that damaged reefs can, with proper protection, management, and community buy-in, be restored back to health. ..

Strong storm surges decimated the corals and washed them ashore. The sanctuary, once known to be teeming with marine life was left devastated and now resembles a coral graveyard. Fortunately the reefs on the other sides of the island were spared. But while the damage to the sanctuary was significant not all was lost because marine life around the island was already healthy…

Apo Island’s success story has always been a model of hope for the Philippine seas. 

What a con. Here’s Greenpeace using a dodgy picture to push a dodgy scare about a dodgy warming theory – with the result that it’s likely to drive away tourists.

It’s also pretending nothing is being doing to “save” the Reef, when in fact more than $2 billion of taxpayers’ money is being spent over the next decade to protect it.

Has Greenpeace no shame?

via Andrew Bolt Blog | Herald Sun



via Andrew Bolt Blog | Herald Sun

Greens kill the reef

Global warming alarmists have succeeded in spreading a lie about the Great Barrier Reef:

Col McKenzie, executive officer of the association of the marine park tourism operators, told The Australian that many visitors thought the reef was “dead”.

“Our brand has copped a hiding over the last few years and to a large extent unjustifiably. We have seen a big decrease in the amount of pre-booked and long-term bookings coming out of Europe and America. You talk to those people and they think the reef is dead and, if not, it is so close to being dead that it is simply not worth coming to see.That simply could not be further from the truth,” Mr McKenzie said.

“The green conservation movement … has caned the reputation of the tourism industry.”

No wonder a key to the Abbott Government’s lobbying to keep the Reef off UNESCO’s in-danger list has been to simply get journalists to see for themselves that it’s still there:

The federal government underlined the importance of keeping the reef off the UNESCO “in danger” list after it was revealed it spent $100,000 lobbying almost all of the World Heritage Committee to convince them the reef was not in danger. It also spent $88,000 on a junket for international journalists as part of a wider lobbying campaign.

Once again we must ask: if man-made global warming is so obvious, why all these lies and exaggerations?



More Greenpeace reef fear-mongering …

London tube ad: “ONLY 4 WEEKS TO SAVE THE REEF !”

via Courier Mail :

Great Barrier Reef: Greenpeace accused of deception in London tube ads

GREENPEACE is again accused of false advertising and scaring people into donating to its campaign to save the Great Barrier Reef.

A Greenpeace billboard running on the London Tube includes the message: “If we don’t act now coal companies will be free to dredge in this beautiful natural wonder”.

It asks for donations and could give the impression that miners dredge the World Heritage-listed Reef.

A second emotive advertisement on YouTube features an upset child and mother and the line: “Half the Reef is already gone.’’

Half the Reef’s coral cover has been lost but the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority says corals make up only 7 per cent of the marine park and World Heritage Area. All up, the reserved area covers 344,000 sq km.

Greenpeace has been running a series of brutally effective ads before UNESCO decides at the end of the month if the area will be listed in danger.

reef gpeace

Greenpeace are advertising on the tube in London

Last month a draft decision found the Reef should not be listed but the World Heritage Committee warned Australia it must get fair dinkum about caring for the Reef and report back on its work in 2019.

Full Story here >


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Katherine Hayhoe Caught Lying Again

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While extreme weather events like droughts and floods occur naturally in Texas, precipitation in the state is becoming more variable, making droughts more potent and increasing the risk of heavy rainfall and flooding, Hayhoe said.

Climate Change May Have Souped Up Record-Breaking Texas Deluge – Scientific American

Precipitation in Texas is not changing. It is not becoming more variable.

  ScreenHunter_170 May. 28 23.24

I lived just a few blocks away from the Brazos River in Richmond during this 1992 flood

ScreenHunter_171 May. 28 23.38Sun Journal – Google News Archive Search

Floods in Texas happen all the time. In 1979, they had 43 inches of rain in one day at NASA Houston. At least four times as much as this week’s “record rainfall”

ScreenHunter_172 May. 28 23.44Weather Research Center – Houston Texas wrc@wxresearch.com

During the 1935 flood, two-thirds of the county was flooded

ScreenHunter_173 May. 28 23.59

ScreenHunter_174 May. 29 00.09

Houston had a major flood every six years from 1836 to 1936. It has nothing to do with…

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Seriously Messing With Texas

Real Science

In 2011, NCDC showed Texas winters cooling slightly from 1895 to 2011

screenhunter_177-aug-25-13-42 (1)

But that didn’t suit the agenda, so they simply changed the data and now show it warming


The animation below shows how they altered Texas winter temperature


The next animation compares NCDC for the entire year vs. the raw HCN thermometer data. They turned a strong cooling trend into a strong warming trend.


This was accomplished through a spectacular two degrees of data tampering

ScreenHunter_2066 May. 29 20.30

As with most other government climate data, the Texas temperature record has been massively abused to generate global warming propaganda.It shows the exact opposite of what is actually occurring.

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Trouble Looming For Arctic Alarmists

Real Science

Arctic sea ice coverage is nearly identical to 20 years ago

testimage.2 (2)

Daily Arctic Sea Ice Maps

Arctic sea ice is following almost the exact trajectory of 2006, which had the highest summer minimum of the last decade.


Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Temperatures in the Beaufort Sea are forecast to remain below the freezing point through the first two weeks of the summer melt season

ScreenHunter_2039 May. 29 07.09

The Beaufort Sea is full of very thick ice.


ictn2015052818_2015060500_040_arcticictn.001.gif (740×666)

Arctic sea ice is about the same thickness (2 meters) as it was 75 years ago.

ScreenHunter_7895 Mar. 13 12.22ScreenHunter_7896 Mar. 13 12.26

Papers Past — Auckland Star — 14 December 1940 — WARMER ARCTIC

Arctic sea ice is the thickest it has been in a decade.

Bpiomas_plot_daily_heff.2sst (3)

Bpiomas_plot_daily_heff.2sst.png (2488×1960)

Climate experts say the Arctic has been ice-free since 2013

ScreenHunter_2051 May. 29 08.15


Business leaders discuss climate – The Science Show – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

They have been making the…

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The Amount Of Sea Ice On Earth Isn’t Changing

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Since 1979, Antarctic sea ice has increased by the same amount as Arctic sea ice has decreased

mean-12 (2)

Prior to 1979, Arctic sea ice increased by the same amount as Antarctic ice decreased.

ScreenHunter_2019 May. 28 09.40

NSIDC cleverly truncates the pre-1979 data, because it wrecks their fake global warming theory.  The poles are cyclical and move opposite each other. Actual scientists would try to understand it, rather than simply denying that they know about it.

The Earth is not warming, and hasn’t been for almost 20 years.


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No, The Polar Ice Caps Are Not Disappearing Katherine

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Several times a day, news reports go out that the polar ice caps are melting, and it is drowning Pacific islanders. As with everything else related to this scam, it is complete BS.

Arctic sea ice extent is almost identical to twenty years ago.

ScreenHunter_1992 May. 27 07.42Daily Arctic Sea Ice Maps

Arctic sea ice is closely tracking 2006, the year with the highest summer minimum from the past decade.

ScreenHunter_1993 May. 27 07.44Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Greenland has gained 500 billion tons of ice since September, and the melt season there is almost a month late

ScreenHunter_1994 May. 27 07.53Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

Temperatures on the Greenland Ice Sheet are extremely cold, and scientists there are getting buried in snow and ice

ScreenHunter_1995 May. 27 07.56summit:status:webcam

The amount of sea ice on Earth has been running above normal for the past two years.

iphone.anomaly.global (1)iphone.anomaly.global.png (512×412)

Temperatures on the Antarctic Ice Sheet are incredibly cold

ScreenHunter_1996 May. 27 07.59


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Visualizing How The White House Is Defrauding You About Precipitation

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The National Climate Assessment uses this map, showing that heavy rainfalls have increased in the US since 1958

ScreenHunter_2002 May. 27 11.11

Heavy Downpours Increasing | National Climate Assessment

Look what they did. They picked the low point of the US record to begin their graph.

ScreenHunter_2004 May. 27 11.20

Index of /pub/data/ghcn/daily/hcn/

In fact, heavy rainfall events in the US are no more common than they were 100 years ago, when CO2 was close to 300 PPM. This is blatantly misleading propaganda, intended to give the reader the exactly wrong impression.

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