LETTING The Mask Slip : We Are All Mere Pawns Of A COVID19 Political Game

Dr Barbara Ferrer – Director, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health


THERE has not been a single case, globally, of a school-aged child, shedding COVID-19 onto another student, or a teacher, resulting in a single death. So, why are schools not open in the USA, or Victoria, Australia?


SURELY, ‘Get Trump’ politics is not to blame?

CHECK for yourself, then…

SEE from 6:06 (re; education), or alternatively watch Ingraham’s entire episode :

Laura Ingraham alleges Democrats trying to keep Americans from ‘pursuit of happiness’ | Fox News


PS// Please excuse new formatting, or errors. Worpdress has a new ridiculous “block technology” that I’m yet to fully become accustomed with, if ever. Strange tech. Thx, JWS.

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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert | Australian Government Department of Health

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8 Comments on “LETTING The Mask Slip : We Are All Mere Pawns Of A COVID19 Political Game”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Have you seen or heard about this potential bombshell and hopefully means end of days for Gates and his Malthusian cabal?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Brian Allan says:

      More bullshit! Where do you guys dig up this stuff!?


      • Alan Vaughn says:

        WOW. 🤣
        No need to freak out Brian, it’s only the truth – no need to take it personally. Just keep your dehumanizing mask on and you’ll feel safe. 😷
        Anyway I gave you the link, I suggest you follow it and have a nice meltdown. The only bullshit is the hyped up severity of the covid19 virus, which you and the rest of your army of naive and obedient, masked zombies naively believe the lying, culpable mainstream media’s hyped-up claims that it’s the worst pandemic to ever infiltrate the human species – even worse than the bubonic plague.
        It is in fact, according to current US CDC and WHO stats, less likely to even make you ill, let alone to kill you than the seasonal flu. But you lot prefer to remain subservient to these tyrants who have taken away your freedom and trampled your basic civil rights into the ground, on the pretext of a non-existent ‘deadly’ pandemic.
        Most normal and rational thinking people vehemently oppose and reject outright this oppressive ‘new normal’ of enslavement to a totalitarian government.
        WAKE UP! You’re being played as fools because that’s exactly what you are.


        Liked by 1 person

      • Brian Allan says:

        Geez, yet more bullshit! Sad that you’ve been brainwashed by the far right.


      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Ok I concur the website which the link above should have opened is currently undergoing a revamp since I posted, so here are some alternative links to the same important message regarding the covid-19 FRAUD and the needless societal hysteria surrounding it and of course what is about to be done about it all:


        You can insist it’s all bullshit if you wish and continue to remain ignorant and stay subservient to an overseas based, unelected cabal of tyrants, who hate you and are intent on destroying you and your way of life.
        However we don’t want it, nor do millions of others who prefer freedom over oppression, hence this global class action.


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