Russian President: Climate Change is Fraud

Shock news. /sarc

Watts Up With That?

Portrait of Vladimir Putin, Source, Author Russian Presidential Press and Information Office Portrait of Vladimir Putin, Source,
Author Russian Presidential Press and Information Office

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t DailyCaller – Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that he thinks the Western climate scare is a fraud, designed to restrain industrial development in countries like Russia.

According to the New York Times;

While Western media have examined the role of rising temperatures and drought in this year’s record wildfires in North America, Russian media continue to pay little attention to an issue that animates so much of the world.

The indifference reflects widespread public doubt that human activities play a significant role in global warming, a tone set by President Vladimir Putin, who has offered only vague and modest pledges of emissions cuts ahead of December’s U.N. climate summit in Paris.

Russia’s official view appears to have changed little since 2003, when Putin told an international climate conference that warmer…

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Scientists Seeking Funding Recycle The Same Stories Every Century

Real Science

Scientists need funding, and the easiest way to obtain it is to make up science fiction stories which scare people. Once they find a good story, the recycle it as often as they can get away with.


 2 May 1932, Page 4 – at


25 May 1957, Page 5 – at


Rising Seas – Interactive: If All The Ice Melted

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Renewable Power Australia – Green Power Killing Business

Europe’s graphically reported “Green Energy Basket Case” is now becoming a reality in Australia. South Australian business’ are now paying the harsh price of global warming hysteria that ultimately drove the massive and misguided uptake of expensive, unreliable, unwanted and unnecessary “green” power,

One positive out of this predicted, green energy fail, is that South Australian ‘Labor’ premier, Jay Weatherall, along with university academics and environmental scientists, are discussing the potential for emission-free Nuclear power. About time. And what an incredible waste of other people’s money it has taken for reason and sense to prevail.

In years to come, we will look back on this age of global warming collective madness, and wonder what the hell were we thinking…

PA Pundits - International

Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Green power costs a bomb and isn’t reliable. But South Australia’s Labor government was crazed with global warming and wouldn’t listen, and now business is being driven into the ground:

Clements Gap wind plant in South Australia Clements Gap wind plant in South Australia

South Australia’s rising share of renewable power could cause blackouts in the state if the Australian Energy Market Operator doesn’t intervene, the agency’s chief executive, Matt Zema, said.

South Australia’s rooftop solar panels could meet the state’s electricity demands during the middle of some days by 2024-25 if uptake continued at the current rate, he said.

But this would lead to more volatility and less reliability, and a greater reliance on the interconnector with the large eastern state generators to keep power flowing on some days, he said.

The warning is relevant for the federal Labor opposition, which has called for 50 per cent of Australia’s electricity to…

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NCDC/NCEI’s Karl and Peterson refuse congressional subpoena on flawed ‘pausebuster’ paper

Thomas Karl (NOAA) and Thomas Peterson (NCDC). Remember those names.

Those guys are employed by you the taxpayer to provide you with global temperatures that are ‘homogenised’ tampered with, to ultimately warm the present and cool the past, to reflect an overall increase in recent global temps.

Their climate malfeasance is now under serious Congressional scrutiny and they are refusing to supply you with their methodology for altering temperatures to give a warming bias.

I wonder why that is?

Scientific fraud. And may Karl, Peterson and NASA’s Schmidt et al be exposed and punished for rendering the earths temperature history useless, compromising genuine scientific discovery and for sullying the reputation of climate science and perhaps all science fields in general.

Tom Karl and Tom Peterson work for you, the taxpayer, and are not above you, or indeed the law.

Watts Up With That?


Wow, just wow. I told Dr. Tom Peterson in an email this summer that their highly questionable paper that adjusted SST’s of the past to erase the “pause” was going to become “their waterloo”, and Peterson’s response was to give the email to wackadoodle climate blogger Miriam O’Brien (aka Sou Bundanga) so she could tout it with the usual invective spin that she loves to do. How “professional” of Peterson, who made the issue political payback with that action.

Another reminder of Peterson’s “professionalism” is this political cartoon he made portraying climate scientists holding different published opinions as “nutters”, while working on the taxpayer’s dime, courtesy of the Climategate emails in 2009:


Now, it looks like Karl and Peterson think they are above the law and forget who they actually work for. They’ve really stepped in it now.

Via The Hill:

Agency won’t give GOP internal docs on climate research

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NOAA Refuses To Explain Their Most Recent Data Tampering

When flatlining temperatures wreck your global warming agenda, refusing to rise after 18+ long years in hiatus, despite record human CO2 emissions over that same period, simply homogenise, adjust (tamper) with the data.
As simple, easy and as criminal as that.

“Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” is the political ideology of the totalitarian government of Oceania [Obama] in George Orwell’s [Tom Karl’s] dystopian novel [Gov Agency] Nineteen Eighty-Four [NOAA].”

Real Science

NOAA recently altered their data, to unilaterally wipe out the hiatus which the consensus had agreed upon for a decade.


January : Climate Change: Global Temperature | NOAA
September : Climate at a Glance (NCEI)

Now they are refusing to turn over their communications about this flagrant manipulation, just ahead of Barack Obama’s Paris scam.


NOAA refuses to comply with House science committee subpoena –

Make no mistake about it. This is the biggest fraud in history, and it is being directed by the White House.

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Matt Ridley: some basic science is not worthy of taxpayer funding

Precisely why the ‘science’ of climate change has been so detrimentally corrupted and sullied in this sorry age of global warming collective madness.

$29 Billion of grants and funding is awarded annually, in the US alone, by warmist bureaucrats to those ‘scientists’ who tow the man-made warning narrative, prefacing their study with an anthropogenic conclusion.

Zero government funding exists for studies on the ‘natural’ variability of climate change.

Ergo, why wouldn’t a budding climate scientist, cow-eyed with ideals of “saving the planet”, preface his or her paper with the ‘Anthropogenic’ conclusion, guaranteeing industry acclaim, funding, a publishing deal and subsequent citations?

Publish or perish as they say. This time at great cost to science and discovery.

Watts Up With That?

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece on Sunday, friend of WUWT Matt Ridley argues that basic science research does not lead to technological innovation, and therefore isn’t deserving of taxpayer funding.

Ridley writes:

“Increasingly, technology is developing the kind of autonomy that hitherto characterized biological entities. The Stanford economist Brian Arthur argues that technology is self-organizing and can, in effect, reproduce and adapt to its environment. … The implications of this new way of seeing technology—as an autonomous, evolving entity that continues to progress whoever is in charge—are startling. People are pawns in a process. We ride rather than drive the innovation wave. Technology will find its inventors, rather than vice versa.

Patents and copyright laws grant too much credit and reward to individuals and imply that technology evolves by jerks. Recall that the original rationale for granting patents was not to reward inventors with monopoly profits but to…

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“They Attribute” It To Global Warming

The worst outcome for gobal warming alarmists like Chad Blair who deal in blatant lies, to push their agenda, is being guilty of an excess of virtue.

The best outcome for people who question the blatant lies, with facts, evidence and “real science”, is to be labelled a ‘denier’.

Global warming worship displays all the hallmarks of a religious cult. A good example here.

Real Science


Literally Washing Away

The cemetery, located near Rita on the west end of Majuro, has been eroding for a decade or more, islanders say, something they attribute in part to global warming. The ocean inundations are larger and occurring with greater frequency. In Laura, on the east side of the atoll, one cemetery is reported to be already underwater.

Global Warming: The Effects of Climate Change in Micronesia

These people attribute their problems to global warming, and the author of the article is happy to push their propaganda. Chad Blair didn’t bother to check that sea level has been falling there for the past four years, and is the lowest in 17 years.

2015-10-27-04-50-23Interactive Sea Level Time Series Wizard | CU Sea Level Research Group

Chad Blair believes that building windmills in Kansas will stop the land from sinking in Micronesia.

The identical phenomenon was occurring in the Maldives two hundred years…

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