“Climate change science is a load of hot air and warmists are wrong”

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Climate change science is a load of hot air and warmists are wrong

Date August 2, 2012

Climate scientists’ theories, flawed as they are, ignore some fundamental data.


Ocean temperatures have only been measured properly since 2003 when the Argo program became operational. Some 3000 Argo buoys roam the oceans, measuring temperatures on each 10-day dive into the depths. Before Argo, we used sporadic sampling with buckets and diving darts along a few commercial shipping lanes. But these measurements have such massively high uncertainties as to be useless. Since Argo started, the ocean temperatures have been flat, no warming at all.

The assumed temperature amplification due to changes in humidity and clouds exhibits itself in all the models as prominent warming about 10 kilometres up over the tropics. We have been measuring the atmospheric warming pattern since the 1960s using weather balloons, released twice a day from 900 locations…

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Scam Of The Day

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One of the great scams they are pulling now is to pick out an isolated event, make up fake statistics, and assign it to climate change.

Here are a few examples.

  1. After an historically quiet period of hurricane activity in the US, Sandy hit. Jeff Masters immediately made up some fake statistics about it, and now it is proof of climate change.
  2. After an historically quiet Atlantic hurricane season, Jeff Masters made up some fake statistics about Typhoon Yolanda, and it became proof of climate change.
  3. Same story with tornadoes in 2014.

Climate alarmists know that they can lie as much as they want, and they will rewarded financially. Masters’ Weather Underground is named after a 1960’s terrorist organization.

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In The End, Their Credibility Will Melt Away Quite Suddenly

Real Science

In 2007, leading experts said that the Arctic will be ice-free by 2013, and that it will all melt away quite suddenly.

ScreenHunter_67 Apr. 29 00.32

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013’

The green circle below shows the date of that prediction. Since then, the average Arctic sea ice area has grown by more than two million km². There has been no trend for 10 years

ScreenHunter_68 Apr. 29 00.34

iphone.anomaly.arctic.png (512×412)

These climate experts talk very confidently about things they understand nothing about, it gets repeated by useful idiots in the press, and then they both get paid to drag civilization back to the dark ages..

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And Four Days Later …..

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Four days after the Easter Sunday tornado of 1913 which killed 250 people, a massive flood in the Ohio River Valley killed 1,000 people and left 200,000 homeless.

Climate experts who say that the weather is getting more extreme, are either completely incompetent, completely dishonest, or both.

29 Mar 1913 – WEATHER IN AMERICA. £ 4 1000 LIVES LOST. 200,000…

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State Of The Climate Report

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The IPCC says the world is burning up

The real world says differently.

  • No global warming for over 17 years
  • Global sea ice area is near an all-time record high for mid-April
  • Great Lakes ice cover is the highest on record for mid-April
  • Antarctic sea ice area is the highest on record for mid-April
  • Arctic multi-year ice way up over the last three years
  • Record low tornado activity in the US since the start of 2012
  • Near record low hurricane activity in the US over the past five years
  • No major hurricanes in the US for almost nine years – a record
  • No hurricanes in Florida for almost nine years – a record
  • Last year was the quietest Atlantic hurricane season in decades
  • Coldest four months on record in much of the midwest

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After 17 Years Of No Warming, Crack Scientists Determine That We Only Have 15 Years Left

Real Science

ScreenHunter_230 Apr. 15 22.05


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Polar Meltdown Continues : Second Highest April 11 Global Sea Ice Area On Record

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ScreenHunter_185 Apr. 13 19.05


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Five Years Since Experts Announced The Demise Of Multi-Year Arctic Ice

Real Science

Five years ago, crack government scientists announced the official demise of multi-year sea ice.

ScreenHunter_186 Apr. 13 19.25

The multiyear ice covering the Arctic Ocean has effectively vanished, a startling development that will make it easier to open up polar shipping routes, an Arctic expert said on Thursday.


And now, half of the Arctic Ocean is covered with thick, impenetrable multi-year ice.

ScreenHunter_187 Apr. 13 19.30


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Time Magazine Says Penguins Are Threatened By Melting Ice

Real Science

As Antarctic sea ice area soars to record highs, the geniuses at Time Magazine say that penguins are threatened by melting sea ice.

ScreenHunter_184 Apr. 13 18.52ScreenHunter_183 Apr. 13 18.52


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Climate Alarmism? Of Course! The IPCC Was Designed To Create and Promote It.

Watts Up With That?

 One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived. Niccolo Machiavelli

Alarmist: “Someone who is considered to be exaggerating a danger and so causing needless worry or panic.

Guest essay by Dr. Tim Ball

Richard Tol resigned from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) because their latest report was too alarmist. His action proves that the latest IPCC Report (AR5) raised the level of alarmism without justification. He complained about the problem back in 2010 in a guest post for Roger Pielke’s Jr, but did nothing. Apparently they crossed some threshold of alarmism that scared adherents.

IPCC controllers realized the new level was required as polls showed little public concern for climate change, politicians were asking questions and, more alarming, cutting funding while global temperature continued its 17-year lack of increase. Failures of IPCC predictions (projections) indicate the failure of their science…

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