Nuttercelli Working To Slime Guardian Readers Again

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Dana is unhappy about 60% growth in the Arctic summer minimum sea ice extent, area and volume over the past two years – so he published these graphs which show Arctic ice falling off a cliff


ScreenHunter_3104 Sep. 27 07.43

Note that he cleverly left off the huge increase since 2012, and the second graph shows a sharp decrease from 1970 to 1979, which is in direct contradiction to satellite data from the 1990 IPCC report – which showed a 2 million km² increase from 1974 to 1979.

ScreenHunter_3049 Sep. 25 06.10

But Dana’s BS is worse than it seems. The CIA reported in 1974 that the ice had already increased 10-15% by 1974, which is again shown the opposite on Dana’s graph

PaintImage10991 (1)

CIA Report 1974

Amundsen said the Northwest Passage was open in 1904, and it wasn’t in 2014

ScreenHunter_208 May. 30 21.56ScreenHunter_209 May. 30 21.57

FRANCE HONORS AMUNDSEN. – Explorer Says Northwest Passage Is Not Practicable for Trade. – View Article –

And Dana’s other fake…

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Putting EPA Toxicity In Perspective

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The EPA says that CO2 is toxic.

The rise in CO2 of 1:10,000 since the year 1900 is equivalent to packing an extra eleven people into Michigan Stadium. I added those extra eleven people in green below.

ScreenHunter_3132 Sep. 28 04.20

By contrast, human lungs generate 400 parts per 10,000 CO2, or an extra 4,400 people in the stadium. I added them in green below.

ScreenHunter_3131 Sep. 28 04.19

One could easily come to the conclusion that the EPA has no idea what they are talking about.

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Climate Science Integrity In A Death Spiral

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Check out this spectacular piece of work in the Sunday Times

ScreenHunter_3152 Sep. 28 10.31

THE Arctic ice cap has melted so much that open water is now just 350 miles from the North Pole, the shortest distance recorded, scientists say.

Arctic ice cap in ‘death spiral’ | The Sunday Times

Let’s look at the fraudulent science one piece at a time.

The amount of ice has increased by 60% since 2012, shown in green below. Scientists cherry picked one spot which lied along a boundary between high an low pressure system, where the winds blew persistently towards the pole all summer. Most of the Arctic saw a huge expansion in ice.

ScreenHunter_2359 Aug. 27 19.30

Next they quote Wadhams saying the Arctic will be ice free in 2015.

ScreenHunter_3153 Sep. 28 10.36

His credibility melted away quite suddenly in 2013.

ScreenHunter_3156 Sep. 28 10.46

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013’

Then they claim that the ice used to be five metres thick

ScreenHunter_3154 Sep. 28 10.37

Unfortunately for…

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64% Gain In Arctic Ice From 2012

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On September 17, 2012 the extent of 30% concentration ice in the Arctic was 2.49 million km², and this year it was 4.09 km² on September 17. An increase of 64%. The past two years have been among the four highest of the past decade.

ScreenHunter_2954 Sep. 21 06.18

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Experts say the Arctic has been ice free since 2013, or earlier – and that is is going to kill us all.


ScreenHunter_409 Jan. 18 21.32

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013′

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Learning To Think Like A Progressive

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Progressives normally blame the 1934 drought on farmers, saying that they caused the Dust Bowl.

This is a fascinating theory, given that the 1934 drought covered 70% of the US, the Dust Bowl didn’t start until 1935, and it only covered a small area around the Oklahoma Panhandle.

So other than having everything wrong temporally and spatially, progressives did find yet another way to blame productive people for providing them with an essential commodity.

ScreenHunter_263 Jun. 23 10.48

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List of excuses for ‘the pause’ in global warming is now up to 52

Watts Up With That?

Updated list of 52 excuses for the 18-26 year ‘pause’ in global warming (compiled by WUWT and The HockeySchtick)

RSS satellite data showing the 18 year ‘pause’ of global warming

An updated list of at least 293236383941 51 52 excuses for the 18-26 year statistically significant ‘pause’ in global warming, including recent scientific papers, media quotes, blogs, and related debunkings:

1) Low solar activity

2) Oceans ate the global warming [debunked] [debunked] [debunked]

3) Chinese coal use [debunked]

4) Montreal Protocol

5) What ‘pause’? [debunked] [debunked] [debunked] [debunked]

6) Volcanic aerosols [debunked]

7) Stratospheric Water Vapor

8) Faster Pacific trade winds [debunked]

9) Stadium Waves

10) ‘Coincidence!’

11) Pine aerosols

12) It’s “not so unusual” and “no more than natural variability”

13) “Scientists…

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US Severe Drought Down 90% Since 1934

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Eighty years ago, severe drought covered most of the US, but now covers less than 5% of the country. Experts say that drought is getting worse due to global warming, because their job depends on them lying.


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No Global Warming For The Majority Of The Satellite Temperature Record

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Satellites which monitor the global temperature were launched almost 36 years ago, and there has been no warming for the majority of that period.

But it is worse than it seems. Most of the apparent warming prior to 1996 was due to settling of volcanic dust.

ScreenHunter_2639 Sep. 09 06.28

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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Dear Mr. President, Why Are You Lying To Us?

Real Science

Even the Guardian has finally admitted that global warming has stopped

Research shows surprise global warming ‘hiatus’ could have been forecast

Australian and US climate experts say with new ocean-based modelling tools, the early 2000s warming slowdown was foreseeable

Research shows surprise global warming ‘hiatus’ could have been forecast | Environment |

So why is President Obama lying about this?

we do know is the temperature around the globe is increasing faster than was predicted even 10 years ago.

– Barack Obama 2012

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The Australian Government Broadcaster asks if we should ditch Democracy to ensure a climate change response

Watts Up With That?

system-change-neil-white-guardian Photo: Climate Justice Now! Statement on Climate Change from COP-15, Copenhagen, December 2009. Photo: Neil White/Guardia

Story submitted by Eric Worrall: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, a taxpayer funded media organization, has just asked whether we should consider restructuring democracy to ensure an efficient response to the climate “crisis”.

The first paragraph;

“Is it democracy that is blocking progress on climate change or the current limited version of it that pervades Western society?” pretty much sums up the rest of the article, which spends several paragraphs praising authoritarianism, before chickening out and trying to suggest that governments are acting contrary to the wishes of voters.”

The article quotes one of our old favorites, Naomi Oreskes, who celebrates China’s authoritarian political process; “China’s ability to weather disastrous climate change vindicated the necessity of centralised government … inspiring similar structures in other, reformulated nations.”

To me, what this bizarre effort suggests more…

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