It’s absolute fantasy to think we can move to all electric cars without fossil fuels

YET MORE environmental virtue-signaling: the noble belief that “electric (fossil fuel) powered” cars/transport will “save the planet”.


Q// When did the phrase “actions (reality) speak louder than words” die?
A// When the “climate change” aka “global warming” religion began.


By Paul Homewood

A good summary from Booker on the electric car saga:


To the few of us who have long been trying to follow the Government’s woefully unreported plans for Britain’s energy future, the news of the switch in 2040 to electric cars was hardly a surprise. But the full implications of this drive to phase out virtually all use of fossil fuels in the coming decades have not yet begun to sink in. And there are many more shocks to come. Brushed aside in the daylong blizzard of propaganda to which we were treated in favour of all-electric cars, there are of course many practical reasons these have not caught on.

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China’s Plans For Wind Power

BACK in the real world, coal-fired power expanding China has been “counting the cost of their disastrous wind powered experiment”

China 🇨🇳 “green-washing” at her finest…


By Paul Homewood

I came across this article while I was away:


The 10-year wind power outlook for China consists of steady annual capacity additions from 2017 to 2026 resulting in a cumulative grid-connected capacity of 403GW by the end of 2026. Annual grid-connected capacity from 2017 to 2020 will be less than 25GW due to curtailment and policy restraints. However, annual grid-connected capacity will increase post-2020, benefiting from an expanded availability of grid capacity.

Annual capacity additions in the short-term will decrease due to the depressed wind market in the traditional wind provinces in the Northeast and Northwest sub-regions. The NEA published the wind warning mechanism in January 2017 and assigned a red warning to provinces with severe curtailment. Nearly all the provinces that received red warnings are located in the Northeast and Northwest sub-regions. The level of curtailment in certain provinces is very high and will be difficult…

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Wind Power Propaganda Unplugged: How Media Helped Sell the Greatest Fraud of All Time

“In Orwell’s dystopian vision, the Party spent its every energy to ensure the people knew nothing of what was really going on, ensuring that only a narrative approved by the “Ministry of Truth” saw the light of day.

Mantras like the ‘wind is free’ and ‘battery technology is improving all the time’ are dead giveaways: our good friend’s logic and reason, have given way to unshakeable belief and maniacal zeal.

As Australia’s once affordable and reliable power supply collapses into chaos, as a result of a ludicrous Renewable Energy Target, and its massive $3billion a year subsidies, mandates, threats and financial punishments, Orwell’s observations on how the cynical exploit the pliant and gullible are as applicable as ever.”



The first recruit in war is God and the first casualty is the truth.

For 20 years, the wind industry has been slaughtering the truth across the globe in an unrelenting propaganda war.

George Orwell, British novelist and keen political observer, understood the power of words and the power that comes from manipulating them.

Orwell conjured up his nightmare world of malicious bureaucrats engaged in pernicious mind control in his novel, 1984.

At the time 1984 hit bookshelves in 1949, it was largely taken as a warning; a handbook on how to avoid a future dominated by a malign few, at the expense of a pliant and gullible many. As the Iron Curtin descended across Europe, many took it to be a “how to” manual being used by the Iron-Fisted, Communist regimes that ran the Soviet Bloc.

These days – as the great “Greenblob” (just the latest tribe of Neo-Marxists…

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Enemies of humanity

UPDATE on the environmental movements (Greens) hatred of humanity…

“global green campaigners endlessly spend money trying to prevent Africans from using fossil fuels, promoting renewable energy and trying to sell us little solar ovens. But this great generosity does nothing to address the horrible realities of people dying now – day after day, year after year. Greens worry constantly about Africans being exposed to insecticides. We worry about dying from malaria.”

“To me, there is simply no substitute for DDT. It is the most affordable, longest lasting, most effective mosquito repellant in existence. Sprayed in tiny amounts on the walls of traditional homes, just once or twice a year, DDT repels mosquitoes from the entire house, kills any that land on walls, and perplexes or irritates any that are not killed or repelled, so their urge to bite is gone.”

“If wealthy nations and NGOs really want to help developing nations, they should support fossil fuel power plants for reliable, affordable electricity. They should support DDT as an important part of the solution to eradicate this serial killer, so that Africans can work, spend less on malaria, have more money for other healthcare and family needs, and develop as much as rich nations have.”

WEALTHY nations also have reduced birth rates, easing over-population, which is the UN and other Malthusian orgs primary fear…

Watts Up With That?

Mosquitoes and uncaring environmental activists perpetuate poverty, disease and death

Steven Lyazi

After being infected again with malaria last July, I spent almost a month in a Kampala hospital. Paying for my treatment was extremely difficult, as it is for most Ugandan and African families. I was lucky I could scrape the money together. Many families cannot afford proper treatment.

Where and how can they get the money to go back to the hospital again and again, every time a family member gets malaria, when they also need food, clothes and so many other things – or malaria makes them so sick that they can’t work for weeks or even months? Many parents can do nothing except watch their loved ones die in agony, and then give them a simple burial.

Far too many people still die from malaria every year in Africa, the vast majority of them women and…

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Britain To Ban Petrol Cars

WE really are living in the age of collective, global warming insanity. We will look back on this era of virtue-signaling, “save the planet” madness and wonder what the hell were we thinking…

PA Pundits - International

By Andrew Bolt ~

Here’s yet another green policy that hurts the poor, and from a “Conservative” government.

It’s to cut emissions of nitrogen dioxide, which can cause respiratory problems, but global warming activists love this ban, too:

UK environment secretary Michael Gove has announced plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in Britain by 2040.

This means buyers will have to buy electric cars that are for now much more expensive:

Subsidies clearly drive sales for EVs, which are often double the cost of comparable gasoline-powered vehicles… In fact, a 2015 study found, the richest 20% of Americans received 90% of hundreds of millions in taxpayer EV subsidies… How much must we subsidize our wealthiest families, to save us from manmade planetary disasters that exist only in Al Gore movies and alarmist computer models?

That – and their user unfriendliness – is why

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Renewable Energy Is Here To Stay– Says Renewable Investment Fund Manager

“Last year, wind/solar accounted for just 2% of the world’s energy. Fossil fuels provided 86%.”

WHILST Moral Mike gesticulates about the virtues of “unreliables”, the sane world continues their massive build-up of fossil-fuel, coal-fired power tech…


By Paul Homewood

The Telegraph used to be a serious paper!

Mike Fox is, I should point out, Head of Sustainable Investments at Royal London Asset Management, so he is hardly objective.


Cigarette makers are actively trying to wean people off traditional cigarettes. In the tobacco industry, it is not uncommon to hear some of the largest manufacturers of cigarettes espousing a “smoke-free future”. Through the classic hedging strategy of offering the alternative, they have acquired a leading role in providing e-cigarettes, heated tobacco and vaping technology, which are replacing “normal” smoking. This pattern can occur all the time in markets, where established players with deep pockets can become the greatest beneficiaries of disruption to their traditional industry.

Reckitt Benckiser, the consumer health provider and owner of condom brand Durex, recently snapped up baby food maker Mead Johnson. The significance of offering the alternative should be immediately obvious here. But…

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Renewable Energy Train Wreck: Australian Power Prices Set to Rocket (Again)

“If there was more coal fired power there wouldn’t be such high gas prices, and if there weren’t intermittent, highly subsidized generators, there wouldn’t be as much room to “game” the market.”




The moral of the story of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ isn’t don’t lie, it’s don’t tell the same lie twice.

Renewables rent-seekers continue to stick with the same grab bag of lies, myths and furphies, despite mountains of evidence revealing their marketing pitch is just so much polished propaganda.

South Australia (Australia’s so-called ‘wind power capital’) is held up by wind worshippers as the example of how to transition to a 100% renewable energy future.

When the wind blows for a few hours at a stretch (see above) the wind cult claims victory, and seizes the high moral ground. However, woe betide anybody with the temerity to point out that SA’s obsession with wind power has left it with the highest power prices in the world, retail power prices rocketing, year-on-year, at 20% and a tripling of power costs to business in just on two years. Oh, and heaven…

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Queensland chief scientist Professor Suzanne Miller sidelined over fraud charges

DODGY climate, taxpayer vampire, thieving trash. Another day in the government climate/environment bureaucracy.

Watts Up With That?

Breaking News:

From the “trust me, I’m a scientist department” comes this story from soon-to-be-50%-renewables Queensland. 

ByPeter Campion


Photo: Professor Miller was appointed to the role of chief scientist in December 2016. (Supplied: Tom Greenard)

The Australian ABC is reporting that Professor Suzanne Miller has been stood aside as Queensland’s chief scientist after being charged with fraud by the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC).

The ABC report ( says,

“Professor Miller, who is also the CEO and director of the Queensland Museum Network, is expected to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates court on August 8. Bail conditions include that Professor Miller must surrender her UK and Australian passports.”

So has Australia snuck in an equivalent of the US’ pending Honest Act?  No such luck as it happens.  It’s just a simple insurance fraud matter.  The ABC again,

“Court documents state between February 1, 2014 and July…

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BEAUTIFUL Example Of How Government Climate Agencies LIE To You About “Sea-Level Rise”


EXCELLENT example via Paul Homewood of how Government climate agencies blatantly lie to you about climate.

Keep in mind, this is a “Government” document. And its a blatant alarmist lie.

YET another example why even Government institutions – sadly – cannot be trusted on telling you the truth on anything global warming climate change…


According to the Government’s latest UK Climate Change Risk Assessment, sea levels around the UK are rising by around 3mm a year.

UK climate Gov1.png


This is an outright lie.


The Committee on Climate Change also tell us in their Climate Change Risk Assessment Evidence Report, used as the basis for the Government report:

UK climate Gov2.png

Thus implying that the rate of sea level rise has been accelerating recently.

Tide gauges however tell a totally different story.

Long running sea level data is available at two sites in the UK, North Shields in the North East, and Newlyn in the South West. There is consequently a good geographic distribution, with the former on the North Sea coast, and Newlyn facing the Atlantic.

Data kept by PSMSL shows the following:



Long term trends are around 1.9mm/yr, and it is immediately evident that there has been no acceleration in recent years.


But we can double check this by looking at the rate of rise. Below are charts showing the amount of sea level rise measured over 120-month intervals. The red line is the mean.



It is clear that there is no apparent trend, simply large variations throughout both records.

NOAA also publish graphs giving longer term 50-year trends. These both show that sea levels were rising faster around the mid 20thC.




There is one other long running tidal gauge record. This is at Aberdeen, although data for 2016 has not yet been entered by PSMSL.

However, NOAA show that sea levels are only rising by 0.72mm there, due to the fact that the land is rising.

Aberdeen SLR.png

Although the land is rising in Scotland, most of England is sinking. Both are as a result of glacial isostatic adjustment, the ongoing movement of land once burdened by ice-age glaciers.

Consequently, part of the sea level rise seen at North Shields and Newlyn is due to this, rather than absolute sea level rise.

SLR data.png


Threats of ever rising sea levels are stock in trade for the climate mafia, yet when we look at actual tidal gauge records, we see nothing other than a gradual rise, going back to the 19thC.

However, for such fake claims to be made in an official government report is simply unacceptable.


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California is handling climate change all wrong – Bjorn Lomborg

NO SH*T Sherlock.
1. It rained in CA in absolute contradiction of Jerry and the expert climate nut bags “Permanet Drought” assurances.
2. Bjorn needs to rethink his PC derived CO2-AGW belief system. He knows it’s BS. Cut him until he jumps off the PC fence.

Watts Up With That?


While the L A Times is busy hyping Governor Brown’s success in extending its expensive and bureaucratically onerous cap and tax law from 2020 to 2030 Bjorn Lomborg director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center has an article in the Times showing how California’s climate alarmist schemes are incredibly wrong.


However Lomborg clearly articulates the irrelevancy that California’s go it alone approach produces.


Further Lomborg exposes the terrible costs that Californian’s will pay now and in the coming years while failing to achieve any worthwhile global benefits. Meanwhile the Times celebrate’s Governor Brown’s political savvy in being able to foist such a costly and worthless scheme upon the people of California.



Lomborg believes that California’s climate alarmist scheme’s driven by Governor Brown are misguided and that the state should instead take a more realistic and productive approach to address its climate concerns.

“California is embracing huge costs while doing virtually nothing…

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