America Blighted By Industrial Wind

“WHY do they continue to push such an obvious failure as industrial wind, you ask? Simple: “It’s all about the money!’”

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Green gangsters rip us off whileenriching the 0.1% and trashing the environment

By Mary Kay Barton  ~

“America is being auctioned off to the highest bidder.”Donald J. Trump

A recent Joe Mahoney article, NY looks to the wind to replace its fossil fuel diet, was full of half-truths and misinformation.

wind turbineThere is nothing “free,” “clean” or “green” about industrial wind.  Quite the contrary: the true costs of industrial wind development are astronomical. Yet, the wishful thinking of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, “green” ideologues, and “renewable” energy hustlers and subsidy seekers who benefit from this massive taxpayer and ratepayer rip-off has been repeated by countless “journalists” without question for years now.

Mahoney’s article highlighted Cuomo’s approval of the proposed wind factory off Montauk, NY. It claimed: “The offshore ‘wind farm’ could be a symbol of how the state…

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Is the Reuters “news” agency committing fraud?

A MUST read slice-and-dice of Reuters climate propaganda and blatant misinformation by the brilliant Lord Monckton…


Can we perhaps get just one Reuters “journalist” away from the various global institutional profiteers of doom [WMO, NASA, IPCC et al] in whose lavishly-marbled, planet-destroyingly air-conditioned halls they spend their useless days for long enough to check the data from the real world outside?”


Reuters quotes a “climate expert” at the International Institute for Applied Taxpayers’ Money Gobbling in Vienna:

“Research shows that for the general public extremes make climate change more tangible, more understandable. It could help to motivate people to engage in climate action, and do something.”

Translation: “The data don’t support our climate profiteering. The facts don’t support it. The graphs don’t support it. Even the weather doesn’t support it. There has not been enough bad weather to let us get away with using it as an excuse for gobbling still more taxpayers’ money. Something must be done, and soon, or we shall have to work for a living.”

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Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

Yet another screaming Reuters headline, this time Earth on track for hottest year ever as warming speeds up, precedes yet another screaming, inaccurate, prejudiced Reuters “news” article about the totalitarians’ current hot topic., written from Geneva, cites the World Meteorological Disorganization as saying the Earth is warming at “a faster rate than expected”.

Um, no, it isn’t.


The Global Warming Speedometer for January 2001 to June 2016 shows observed warming on the HadCRUT4 and NCEI surface tamperature datasets as below IPCC’s least prediction in 1990 and somewhat on the low side of its 1995 and 2001 predictions, while the satellite datasets show less warming than all IPCC predictions from 1990 to 2001. Later IPCC predictions are too recent to be reliably testable.

All of the observations have been much affected by the recent el Niño spike, which may yet be followed…

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Brits Slash Subsidies to Wind Power as South Australia’s ‘Green Dream’ Turns Nightmare

Water always finds its level. Reason prevails.


theresa may Theresa May: the wind industry’s worst nightmare.


STT followers might be wondering at our present obsession with South Australia’s wind powered, energy calamity.  However, we haven’t forgotten about the rest of the world.  Our focus, we think, is justified; as South Australia stands as the perfect and inevitable example of what happens when you try to run an economy on sunshine and breezes.

We haven’t overlooked the place that post-Brexit Brits now occupy, with Theresa May taking an axe to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, finishing off the job started by David Cameron when he slashed wind power subsidies and gave rights of veto over wind farm planning decisions back to local communities. DECCs was peopled by Trotskyites, hell-bent with slathering these things all over Britain. Now its gone.

In this clever little piece by Nick Cater, it’s evident that the UK is well on the path…

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Climate Change Insanity Never Changes

Deep within human nature there are certain types of people who yearn for catastrophe, they yearn to have significance in their lives believing that theirs is the time when the chickens are coming home to roost and everything is going to go tits up.

300-500 years ago, during the Little Ice Age, some 50,000 Europeans were tortured & executed for “Weather Cooking”.

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We’ve got to ride this global warming issue.
Even if the theory of global warming is wrong,
we will be doing the right thing in terms of
economic and environmental policy.

– Timothy Wirth,
President of the UN Foundation

The only way to get our society to truly change is to
frighten people with the possibility of a catastrophe
– emeritus professor Daniel Botkin

It doesn’t matter what is true,
it only matters what people believe is true
– Paul Watson,
co-founder of Greenpeace


People have been imagining that the climate is changing, exaggerating every weather event, getting widespread press coverage, and blaming it on man – for as long as there have been newspapers.

10 January 1871


THREE consecutive years of drought, while they have stimulated the inventive resources of practical agriculturists, have had the…

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Luvvies Fly To St Tropez To Save Planet

Saving the planet – one private jet ride to an elite “one percent” destination after another, and another and another… ✈️ 💨🌴

Have a safe flight and please remember to always “do as I say, not as I do.”


By Paul Homewood


Breitbart reports on the Luvvies’ Love In at St Tropez:

Leonardo DiCaprio sounded a dire warning at his charity foundation’s annual climate change gala in St. Tropez Wednesday night, telling the dozens of celebrities and dignitaries in attendance that they represent the “last generation” that has a chance to halt the deleterious effects of global warming.

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SA’s Labor Goverment Ignored Warnings on its Wind Power Pricing & Supply Disaster

“deliberately ignoring measured warnings from others, when the consequences of those wilful actions will destroy hundreds of businesses; kill off thousands of jobs; result in thousands being deprived of power and tens of thousands more struggling to pay their rocketing power bills is downright criminal.”

Amen to that.


power mix

Hoping to avoid the predictable consequences of one’s own actions is simple ignorance; and forgivable.  However, deliberately ignoring measured warnings from others, when the consequences of those wilful actions will destroy hundreds of businesses; kill off thousands of jobs; result in thousands being deprived of power and tens of thousands more struggling to pay their rocketing power bills is downright criminal. And so it is in South Australia, where all of those results have played out, precisely as predicted.

Warning of jolt to power prices raised a year ago was ignored
The Australian
Michael Owen & Verity Edwards
22 July 2016

South Australia ignored econom­ists’ warnings a year ago that it faced higher wholesale energy ­prices and a statewide blackout if it ­allowed the exit of its only major baseload power station.

Rather than provide subsidies or other assistance to keep Alinta’s Northern power station in Port Augusta open, the…

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Mann-Made Warming In The Arctic

Mann-made Arctic temps – fundamental to the global warming NASA/NOAA GISS-temp fraud.


By Paul Homewood


Claims of “hottest evah” months are heavily dependent on much higher temperatures than usual in the Arctic. However, there is a big problem here, because there is very little actual data above the Arctic Circle, as NOAA admit below.


To get around this problem, GISS guess temperatures, based on stations up to 1200 km away.

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No Salvation: South Australian Businesses Being Crushed by Wind Power Costs

Climate Sceptics have been warning of the, inevitable, ‘unreliable’ energy (wind/solar) disaster for a *long* time.
Sadly it has taken businesses to fold and people’s lives to be crushed, for the mainstream media and politicians to finally begin to open their eyes.

How long before global warming alarmists open theirs and finally end the fuel-poverty driven pain and misery suffered by hard working (non-elite) taxpayers and families??

Time to wake up.


Gerard Mahoney, manager of iron making at the Arrium steel works, in front of the blast furnace in Whyalla.

Arrium Steel’s Gerard Mahoney: SA’s power play the last roll of the dice.


South Australia’s unfolding energy calamity, has drawn all sorts of self-professed experts out of the woodwork; desk-bound boffins, who all seem to have ready-made answers to SA’s self-inflicted power supply and pricing disaster.

However, most of their “solutions” involve spending hundreds of $millions more of other people’s money.  We’ll hand over to The Australian, as another power market dilettante, Tony Wood from the Grattan Institute (a Labor-left think tank) struts his stuff.

Green push risks power price surge, distorts national market
The Australian
Rick Wallace & Michael Owen
21 July 2016

Energy crises in South Australia and Tasmania have shown that unilateral state-based renewable energy measures were distorting the national market and could trigger damaging price surges in eastern states, one of Australia’s leading energy specialists has warned.

The head of energy policy at the Grattan Institute…

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When will they learn? Climate is NOT the same as weather

Spot-on post Anthony. Good read…

Watts Up With That?

In my news feed today comes this pathetic excuse for a press release that tries to tell us that weather events, which span hours to days to sometimes weeks in length (such as a blocking high), are actually climate events. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, after all it has the mark of Schellnhuber on it. But really though, they ought to be ashamed about the press release, because as anyone knows, climate spans decades, and does not exist on a smaller temporal scale. Here, they are also trying to make the argument that climate change is enhancing “ethnical fractionalization”. It’s just another thinly veiled attempt to try to link climate to the war in Syria, as has been so popular with the left. Document and identity thief Peter Gleick for example, argues in a paper“As described here, water and climatic conditions have played a direct role in the…

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Quote of the Week – former warmist James Lovelock tells it like it is

A healthy dose of reason and common sense injected into the climate debate via former global warmist and creator of the Gaia theory, James Lovelock…

‘He added that global warming proponents stated that the earth would get hotter and hotter but “they don’t really know,” and climate models are only based on what data goes into them, so it was hard to say what would happen in the future.

Mr Lovelock is interested in what can be measured, what can be observed.

“Don’t try and save the world, it’s pure hubris.”

Adding: “There’s one thing to keep in mind here. We don’t need to save the planet, it’s looked after itself for four billion years. It’s always been habitable and things have lived on it, so why worry.”’

Watts Up With That?


  • Date: 26/07/16 Catherine Bolado, The Bournemouth Echo

IT’S not every day you get to meet a scientific hero – an earth scientist and inventor who worked for NASA in its infancy and helped to discover the devastating impact of CFC gases upon the ozone layer.

Chatting down the phone from his west Dorset home, the 96-year-old is everything (as a surprisingly nervous science geek) you hope he will be – witty, insightful and engaging.

The Dorset Wildlife Trust (DWT) patron clearly has a very soft spot in his heart for Dorset and is delighted to be living in “one of the best bits of the whole country.”

He has lived in and around the south all his life.

He said: “Dorset is very much a part of my life. I walked through it as a child and an adult. I have…

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