Which type of entertainment is best suited for your event?

Here are some things you should keep in mind when you plan an event or research entertainment options for your guests after a negative experience.

Here’s how to choose the best entertainment option for your next event.

Take a look at the type of event you’re planning

A new product launch will have a completely different vibe and atmosphere than a meeting of the board of directors. Your event’s “feel” should be reflected in the entertainment you select. You should choose something more conservative and low-key for formal events. A small, live singing or magic act will do better than something more elaborate and dramatic.

Another option is entertainment. If you launch a product or want to make your audience “pumped up”, or bring high levels of excitement, entertainment will be important. It could be an acrobatic show in cirque style, a Broadway song & dance review, or a high-energy show with industrial rhythm.


Your entertainment should take center stage on one evening or afternoon of your multi-day event. If you host a one-day party, you will need to provide entertainment that day. It is important to think about how long the show will run and whether there is enough time in your schedule. If you have many attendees, it might be more beneficial to hire entertainment that is shorter.

Ask your corporate event entertainment specialists for their suggestions when you are considering entertainment options. Many are able to customize shows to suit your schedule so you get the show you want within the time you have.

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