What are the Different Types of Computers Available?

Computers are now described using many different terms. In most cases, computers are described using a variety of terms. Most people are unaware that there is a wide variety of computers.

Types of Computers

1. PC

A personal computer (PC), is a computer meant to be used solely by one individual. Although a Mac is a personal machine, computers running Windows OS are generally considered to be PCs. Because personal computers were first complete computers, they were called microcomputers. The Apple iPad is a great example of modern PC.

2. Desktop

A desktop computer can be described as a personal computer not meant to be carried around. Desktop computers are usually set up in fixed places. Many desktop computers have more storage, power and flexibility than portable computers. This is why they are generally less expensive.

3. Laptop

The small-sized notebooks (also known as laptops) are portable computers that can fit on your lap. In a battery-operated box, you will find the display, hard drives, keyboards, memory, processor, point devices, trackball, and memory.

4. Netbook

Netbooks are small, portable computers that are lighter than traditional laptops. Netbooks are typically $300 to $500 cheaper than the brand-new laptops you can buy at retail stores. Netbooks have less power than laptops, but their internal components are still powerful.

5. PDA

Personal Digital Assistants or PDAs are embedded computers that do away with hard drives and instead use flash memory. These are touchscreen devices that do not include keyboards. PDAs typically weigh less than a paperback and have a longer battery life. The handheld computer can be compared to the PDA in terms of weight and size.

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