NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC : ‘Norway Was Warmer 1,000 Years Ago’

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Lost Viking ‘highway’ revealed by melting ice | Nat Geo

 “What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know,
it’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.”
Mark Twain


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THE post title is obviously a parody. However, it happens to be a factual one, albeit politically incorrect.

OUR very ‘warm’ friends at National Geographic have inadvertently proven the Medieval Warm Period that existed a mere ~1000 years ago. An inconvenient period known as a “climate optimum” that ClimateChange™️ and National Geographic have spent so much currency, propaganda and magazine paper, ‘denying’.

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Climate Change Myths: Sorting Fact from Fiction | Nat Geo

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Climate Change Myths: Sorting Fact from Fiction | Nat Geo


*Nat Geo has deleted the “continue reading this myth” link. So, you will have to imagine what they would have gone on to say. Not hard to imagine the content.

IT would have, no doubt, referenced Michael E. Mann’s “hockey stick” fraud that disappeared the Medieval Warm Period just prior to the UN IPCC’s 2001 third assessment report (TAR)…


BY the 2001 IPCC report, the Medieval Warm period disappeared and became much cooler than the late 20th century:


BY pure coincidence, in the year 1995 the IPCC made a decision to make the Medieval Warm Period disappear:

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YOUTUBE clip of Dr David Deming’s US Senate testimony on the “disappearance” of the Medieval Warm Period (see 01m:50s) :

Video of Dr David Deming’s statement to the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works on December 6, 2006. Dr Deming reveals that in 1995 a leading scientist emailed him saying “We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period”. A few years later, Michael Mann and the IPCC did just that by publishing the now throughly discredited hockey stick graph.

Climate Revisionism 101 : “We Have To Get Rid Of The Medieval Warm Period” | Climatism


BACK to the latest Nat Geo finings …

“As he peered into the gloom, Pilø soon realized he was looking at a field of objects that hadn’t seen the light of day for hundreds of years. Broken sleds, tools, and other traces of daily life going back nearly 2,000 years lay strewn across the surface of the Lendbreen ice patch, which was melting rapidly due to global warming.


WHAT caused the now-exposed highway to be just as exposed ~1,000 years ago? Freyja’s chariot?


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