How to Select a Confinement Nanny

Your baby’s chinese postpartum nanny will cook special, healthy meals and take good care of your baby. She will clean up after you and your baby, and may also help with light housework. She will help you shop for the right food to care for your baby and educate you on the proper confinement procedures.

In other words, she will be an integral part of your life for 28 consecutive days. Therefore it is vital that you find the perfect nanny for your family. It is very difficult to find good nannies, so it is important that you start your search early. Follow these guidelines.

Get Recommendations

It’s a good idea to ask for trusted recommendations for a confidante to help you find a suitable nanny. For women who wish to adhere to traditional confinement, a nanny can be a great help.

Also, you might consider asking recommendations from your hospital. Many hospitals offer nanny-training programs. You can request a list from them of potential nannies who have successfully completed these programs.

Consider contacting a nanny agency to help you if you have no personal or professional recommendations. A nanny agency can be a great option because you know you will get her when you need. This is the downside: you are putting your trust in a stranger for this important service.


Invite your confinement-nanny for a personal interview if you’re available. You can get to know her and ask your important questions. Find out about her cooking style and ask her what duties she will perform. You and your baby are her primary concern, so she won’t ask you to make heavy housecleaning or take responsibility for your other children.

Consider whether you and the confinement nanny will get along for one month. It is essential that you and your nanny are clear about each other’s expectations. This will keep your relationship healthy and free from conflict.

A great nanny for your baby is an asset at this time in your lives. Find the right one for your needs. Good luck and take time!

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