How to Keep Your Computer Cool

The majority of components in your computer heat up when it’s on. Computers can suffer serious damage from constant high temperatures.

Here’s how to keep your computer’s temperature down.

Verify if your supporters are running.

This is the first action to take if your computer has overheated. You can then open the case to check if all fans still work. Consider replacing or fixing the fan that isn’t working.

Your computer should be cleaned regularly.

It is crucial to clean your computer on a regular basis, including the cooling fans. The computer’s cooling fans are used to cool it. Over time, dirt and dust can build up in the fans. These dirt particles can slow down fans’ performance, or worse, prevent them from turning on. If fans fail to expel hot air quickly enough, internal parts may overheat.

Cleaning your cooling fan

1. Shut down the computer.

2. Open the computer box.

3. If the computer’s case is clogged, remove the fan.

4. To clean the fan, you can use compressed or small-electronic vacuums, dusters, or a damp towel.

5. If you have used moisten fabric, be sure to dry it completely before reconnecting it.

You can also clean the mouse, keyboard and monitor.

Before you clean any component of your hardware, be sure to turn it off. If you don’t, electrostatic discharge can cause harm to your computer and could lead to damage. You also risk grounding yourself.

You should always check the instructions provided by the manufacturer before you clean hardware.

Do not spray any liquid on your computer parts.

Airflow around your computer should not be restricted.

Make sure your computer is in an area where there is sufficient air flow. Be sure to keep your computer away from any obstructions that could block air flow such as walls and other computers. It should have at least two to three feet of space between each side. You should leave this area clear as hot air is drawn out through the vent at the back of your computer case.

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