How call to action advertising provides measurability in display advertising

Chief marketing officers (CMOs), with and online marketing investments on a rise, are under greater pressure to quantify the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). This includes investments in email marketing, call to action display advertising, paid search and social media. CMOs need a framework to measure accurately in order to plan and budget properly. Are you aware of your advertising numbers?

It is easy to measure ROAS for click-based paid searches using tracking codes and email marketing. It is easy to track the number of users who clicked on a paid search advertisement and their actions on the site. Paid search is one of the most popular forms of online advertising. This is due to its direct measurement. Companies track click-throughs on display ads. These rates are often low and CMOs and other senior marketing executives have struggled for years to justify the investment in display ads against poor results.

Today, however, it is well-known that display ads and other marketing media tools play an important role in conversion, acquisition, persuasion and conversion. It doesn’t mean that page views don’t convert into clicks or that the advertising campaign was ineffective. However, like a highway billboard it generated an impression and increased brand awareness. In my Marketing 101 university course, I explain how the average person must have 6 to 7 brand impressions before they click on a display or purchase the product. Recent research shows that people are more likely to purchase a product or service if they have seen an advertisement online, or if they are in the market for it.

A large-scale study of over 1 million U.S. Internet users that was exposed to branded ads as a call to action tool revealed how ads can influence user purchase and acquisition behavior. This study was based on two audiences-users who were exposed to over 80 branded ads and a control group that was not.

  • The users who were exposed to brand display ads saw a significant increase in their exposure to them than the control group.
  • Spend 10% more on the websites of advertisers
  • A month of exposure made us 38% more likely search for a branded keyword.
  • Spend 50% more time on advertising sites
  • Viewed 40% more pages from the advertiser’s sites

Do your current marketing software and analytics packages provide the data you need to identify buyers in your target markets? Is it able to show you how long they stayed on your website, how they got there and what papers they downloaded. It can also provide a cumulative visitor record.

If you’re serious about improving your lead generation skills, you owe yourself the obligation to learn as much as you can about online advertising and inbound marketing management.

If you’re a business owner, however, you should have a fully integrated website development system for lead generation. This will allow you to rank for your primary keywords quickly, generate quality leads and prompt you to optimize your content. It also includes an email and social media monitoring system. Wordpress does not have that ability, even with all the plugins.

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