Computer Knowledge (Literacy)

ICT (Information Communication Technology), has enabled the world to be seen as a global village due to its advances. Computers are playing an important role in this integration.

This global network has allowed for integration of countries and regions across the globe, resulting in a world that is like a village. The Presidents of different nations are like the heads of clans, while the Presidents are like the clan heads in the big village.

It is a simple fact that every thing that affects one family affects all the families in this village. This is the reality of our current world. The international oil price, travels, and the global price of crude oils are all affected by the Niger Delta Crisis in Nigeria.

Globalization is the joining up of countries across the globe through education, politics, and society. It is the view of citizens as not only their national identities but also as part and parcel of the larger world.

Globalization refers the interaction and integration of people, companies, government, and governments in different countries. This is achieved through a combination of political, economic, sociocultural, and investment factors. ICT (Information Communication Technology) aids this process by helping to make the Internet an important part.

Globalization has many effects on the environment as well culture and politics.

The Internet and telephone make it possible to access many places in our modern world. Modern communication has made citizens more aware and may be influenced in different ways by other cultures.

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