Capital of Canada, Toronto

Although there are many stunning places in Canada, Toronto is without a doubt the most famous for its sightseeing and grandeur. Toronto is Canada’s capital, and it is also the most populated. Toronto, home to two and a quarter million people, is number five on the list of North America’s most populous cities. Eight million people call the Greater Toronto Area home, if you count the Golden Horseshoe in Southern Ontario. This represents 25% of Canada’s entire population, and it’s located within earshot from America’s Great Lakes.

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Toronto has a huge reputation in the global financial sector. Toronto Stock Exchange ranks among the top ten global stock exchanges. Toronto is home to Canada’s “Big Five”, and Bay Street in the Financial District houses some of most important brokerage firms. Toronto is one the most expensive places to live in Canada because of its wealth. However, this high cost does have a benefit as Toronto has the lowest crime rate in North America. It is largely due to Toronto’s stringent gun laws. However, the low crime rate is made even more impressive when you consider how diverse Toronto’s residents are. Toronto’s population is not dominated by any one nation, even though there are people of European heritage (British-Irish, Irish, etc.) that make up about half of it. A large portion of Toronto is made up of South Asians and Chinese, with the truth being that Toronto is diverse and there is no one “majority”. This is further highlighted when one looks at how multilingual the city. Even though English is the main language, there are enough French and Spanish and Chinese and Portuguese to be able to assist in over one hundred and fifty languages.

Toronto is not just about business and multiculturalism. Toronto’s bustling burg is often visited by tourists who marvel at its amazing sights. Toronto Zoo is a large, international zoo that houses nearly 5100 different animals and over 5600 different creatures. Yorkville is loved by visitors from all over the world because of its many upscale boutiques, restaurants and other amenities. Toronto Easton Centre has the perfect shopping experience for people with less-discerning tastes. This is Toronto’s most sought-after tourist destination, drawing in an astounding fifty-twomillion visitors annually! Toronto has all the amenities of big cities, but there is hardly any crime or pollution. This is why so many people love it. You should make a pilgrimage (northern than Disney World) to this Canadian wonderland.

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