5 Ways For Leaders To Better FOCUS

It’s not hard to be a great leader. But there are many ingredients that make it possible. After three decades of helping to identify, qualify, develop, train and consult with well over a thousand potential leaders, Dr George Freundlich come to understand and appreciate the obstacles and challenges that often make this difficult, challenging and avoidable. Therefore, I created the 5 step FOCUS plan and approach that helps individuals transform from just serving in one position to become a leader.

1) First, determine what is most significant to you as an individual and then decide if your personal priorities or goals can help improve the group. What do you hope to accomplish? Why should you care and what do others need to know? Will you have the inner courage that will allow you to keep going even when it seems impossible?

2) The potential, success, and opportunities will often depend on your ability or inability to work together. Be open-minded and flexible so you can think of other options.

3) Clarity – Being open-minded, detailed, and clear with a cooperativeattitude is a great way to cut through the hype and get to the point quickly. It also allows you prioritize needs in a compassionate and empathic manner. What will it take to get you to the right place to accomplish what you need?

4) What you have learned transforms into more than just book-learning, or even experience. Only then can I see the bigger picture and avoid being overwhelmed by simplified approaches.

A consistent, solid, sustained, strong, and systemic service is what makes empty promises and rhetoric different from practical, useful, and focused leadership. Instead of running around with your head cut off, look at what’s important and then develop a well-considered strategy.

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