WHAT The BBC Don’t Want You To Know About Miami’s Rising Seas

BBC busy spreading climate change fear and panic to the vulnerable. Paul Homewood corrects the MIAMI sea-level rise record straight with actual “science” and data …


By Paul Homewood

h/t Jonathan Scott


Just down the coast from Donald Trump’s weekend retreat, the residents and businesses of south Florida are experiencing regular episodes of water in the streets. In the battle against rising seas, the region – which has more to lose than almost anywhere else in the world – is becoming ground zero.

The first time my father’s basement flooded, it was shortly after he moved in. The building was an ocean-front high-rise in a small city north of Miami called Sunny Isles Beach. The marble lobby had a waterfall that never stopped running; crisp-shirted valets parked your car for you. For the residents who lived in the more lavish flats, these cars were often BMWs and Mercedes. But no matter their value, the cars all wound up in the same place: the basement.

When I called, I’d ask my dad how the building was doing…

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One Comment on “WHAT The BBC Don’t Want You To Know About Miami’s Rising Seas”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    The best solution to this invented, non-existent ‘crisis’, apart from those who actually like being controlled by a ‘big brother’ authoritarian government, would probably be for everyone to commit suicide.
    Either way the Socialist / Marxist owned UN and its global army of brain-dead useful idiots have already won this ‘battle’.
    They wanted global socialist governance and total control of our lives and now thanks to a real crisis with real victims, which magically appeared out of China, they ushered in their anti-capitalist, humanity loathing agenda by stealth, with rampant scare mongering, exaggerations and outright lies, which are far more effective and of course terrifying (because it’s real), than their original ‘climate crisis’ hoax and its campaign of utter baloney, which was intended to scare the gullible among us. The ‘gullible’ being most people, as most are either scientifically illiterate, or hopelessly and irreversibly indoctrinated with the UN’s ‘new science’. IOW: their nonsensical pseudo-science designed to champion their narrative describing the lie of anthropologically induced climate change or ‘global warming’…

    So under this new COVID-19 facilitated regime, which we (the voting public), weren’t even warned about, nor consulted, or even asked to enter discussion or any kind of debate about; which the undemocratic and unelected UN oligarchy imposed upon us via their complicit nation’s governments: nobody is allowed to be happy, or free, because they say it will cause a second wave of COVID-19 and a 3rd wave and 4th etc.. And even if that never happens (and it’s already pretty obvious it won’t), they tell us via their false gods and false prophets of doom such as St Greta (a 17 yr old high school drop-out with psychiatric problems), that such behaviour is harming ‘the planet’ so we must control what everyone does at all times.Insisting:
    “We’re all in this together – it’s for the greater good.” How, or why does any rational person swallow this patented grade of embarrassingly patronising hokum?? And who, or what gives these unelected, self appointed Malthusian tyrants the authority to dictate to us what we can and cannot do in a free society anyway?

    I think I’d rather be dead than try to live in the kind of pre-industrial era world like they want us all to suffer in, with curfews and this ridiculous sheep herding control of where we’re allowed to walk or stand / sit down, they dub as ‘social distancing’. That to me is the most draconian and humiliating part of the entire scandal. Then there’s the overtly pointless law mandating everyone to wear filthy, stinky and grossly unhygienic masks, which the WHO itself recommends ONLY people who actually have COVID-19 wear, or those who are treating COVID-19 infected patients wear, among many other recommendations, which make such wearing of masks not only impractical, but also absurdly counterproductive.

    COVID-19 or a non-existent ‘climate crisis’: Either way, using either scare story and their accompanying hysterically presented terrifying (but fake) propaganda, they’ve got us right where they want us and nobody seems interested in resisting them, so I say, “Why bother with this sick world?” I want out.

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