GLOBAL WARMING Might Not Hurt, But Warming Policies Do : Former Australian PM Spells Out The Inconvenient Truth

Coal-fired power STEAM - Loy Yang VIC - ABBOTT - CLIMATISM

STEAM billows from the cooling towers of the Loy Yang coal-fired power station operated by AGL Energy Ltd. in the Latrobe Valley. Picture: Getty Images (Climatism modified) | The Australian

“WE were the cheapest electricity market in the world, and now we’re one of the dearest. It’s insanity that this has occurred in a market that is so well-blessed in resources.”
― Alan John Moran (Australian columnist and Economist)


ANTHROPOGENIC global warming climate change, and the control of carbon dioxide has deep roots in a radical, yet gravely misguided campaign to reduce the world’s population.

THE climate change scare has little to do with the “environment” or “saving the planet”. Rather, its roots lie in a misanthropic agenda engineered by the environmental movement in the mid 1970’s, who realised that doing something about “global warming” would play to quite a number of the Lefts social agendas.

CO2 – the byproduct of cheap, reliable and affordable energy – was fingered as the patsy and subsequently demonised, with “the science” tortured to fit the warming theory. Not the other way around as the “scientific method” would require.

STANFORD University and Royal Society’s resident global warming alarmist and population freak Paul R. Ehrlich spelled out in 1976 the anti-energy platform that underpinned the global warming scare:

Giving society cheap, abundant energy would be the
equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun
– Prof Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University/Royal Society

THE UN IPCC was created as the all-holy authority on climate change “science” by Maurice Strong’s UNEP and the UN’s WMO, with its charter carefully crafted to only study human (Anthropogenic) effects on climate – “Don’t worry about natural causes – your gasses and lifestyles are far more dangerous than anything Mother Nature can deal out…trust us”.

THUS, the science was “settled” and “consensus” demanded before the data was even in. It has been the same ever since. The hypothesis has not changed a jot even as the evidence proving CAGW has failed dismally across most metrics. Instead, the theory has become more “settled”, according to the UN IPCC, with the scare driven relentlessly by the mainstream media and throng of well funded global green lobby groups and unreliable-energy rent-seekers who all profit from climate doom.

Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsiblity to bring that about?” – Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, air-conditioning, and suburban housing – are not sustainable.” – Maurice Strong, Rio Earth Summit

“It is the responsibility of each human being today to choose between the force of darkness and the force of light. We must therefore transform our attitudes, and adopt a renewed respect for the superior laws of Divine Nature.“ – Maurice Strong, first Secretary General of UNEP

THE fix was in from the start, and now we’re paying for it, big time, in the form of skyrocketing power bills, energy poverty and even an uptick in cold-related deaths as the elderly and poor are forced to switch off their heating in the face of costly ‘green’ energy schemes scams imposed on them by draconian government ‘climate’ regulations…

FORMER Australian PM, Tony Abbott, has had enough. His essay featured in today’s Australian is a plea from the people and its economy, paralysed by skyrocketing power bills, to pull out of the job and life-destroying UN Paris climate accord…

(ABBOT’s essay is paywalled, so I’ll pull out the juicy bits, with Climatism supports added.)


Knowing what we do now, the Paris climate deal is passe

  • The Australian
Coal-fired pwoer STEAM - Loy Yang VIC - CLIMATISM

Steam billows from the cooling towers of the Loy Yang coal-fired power station operated by AGL Energy Ltd. in the Latrobe Valley. Picture: Getty Images/

My government set the Paris 2030 emissions reduction target on the basis that this was more or less what could be achieved without new government programs and without new costs on the economy. There was no advice then to the effect that it would take a clean energy target or a national energy guarantee to get there.

My government never put emissions reduction ahead of the wellbeing of families and the prosperity of industries. As I’ve said all along, you don’t improve the environment by damaging the economy.

Climatism support…

haiti-v-dominican-republic CLIMATISM

Border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic: Guess which country contains eco-criminals that can afford to use fossil fuels, and which country contains nature-lovers who are dependent on natural renewable organic biomass for energy? (99% of Haiti’s forests have been decimated, not for building materials, but for cooking fuel.) See – THE Greatest Threat To The Environment Is Not Affluence, It’s Poverty | Climatism

I have never thought that reducing emissions should be a fundamental goal of policy, just something that’s worth doing if the cost is modest. I have never thought that climate change was, to quote Kevin Rudd, the “great moral challenge of our generation”. It was an issue, that’s all, and — at least on the actual changes we’ve so far seen — not a very significant one compared with man’s inhumanity to man; maintaining and improving living standards; and even with many other environmental issues such as degraded bush and waterways, particulate pollution, water quality in the Third World, deforestation and urban overcrowding.

After all, the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide from roughly 300 to 400 parts per million during the past century has not had dramatic consequences.


The 1:10,000 increase in atmospheric CO2 over the past century (300-400ppm) is equivalent to packing an extra two people into Madison Square Garden. See – THE SUN : Climate Control Knob, Enemy Of The Climate Cult | Climatism

Storms are not more severe, droughts are not more prolonged, floods are not greater, and fires are not more intense than a century ago, despite hyperventilating reportage and over-the-top claims from Greens politicians.


AU Cylone Graph - BoM - CLIMATISM

AUSTRALIAN tropical cyclones are declining in both frequency and intensity as CO2 rises. See – OPEN Letter To The Bureau Of Meteorology – Tropical Cyclone Trends | Climatism

Sea levels have hardly risen and temperatures are still below those of the medieval warm period. Across time, temperature change seems to correlate rather more with sun spot activity than with carbon dioxide levels.



NO overall sea-level rise, at all, in Sydney Harbour since 1910. See – TOP 10 Climate Change Alarmist Myths Unearthed : #2 SEA LEVEL RISE | Climatism



THE latest UAH V6.0 May anomaly of +0.18 brings temperatures back to the levels they were at the beginning of the Century, reinforcing the current 18+ year global warming “pause”, despite record and rising CO2 emissions. See – GLOBAL WARMING THEORY CHECK : Global Temps Continue Century-Record Plunge, Despite Rising Emissions! | Climatism


And even if carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring trace gas that’s necessary for life, really is the main climate change villain, Australia’s contribution to mankind’s emissions is scarcely more than 1 per cent. Of course, we should treat the planet with respect. But it would be the height of folly to suppress living standards, shrink industries and drive jobs offshore for a moral gesture.

Much has changed since I was prime minister. Post the carbon tax repeal, power prices have quickly resumed their inexorable rise, doubling in a decade. Selective blackouts have become relatively common: most of South Australia went dark for 24 hours because the wind blew too hard and the interconnector went down. And, the big one, the US has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement. When the world’s leading country withdraws, it can hardly be business as usual.

Our 2015 target, after all, was set on the basis that the agreement would be “applicable to all … parties”. Absent the US, my government would not have signed up to the Paris treaty, certainly not with the present target.

Yet as long as we remain in the Paris Agreement — which is about reducing emissions, not building prosperity — all policy touching on emissions will be about their reduction, not our wellbeing. It’s the emissions ­obsession that’s at the heart of our power crisis and it’s this that has to end.

When they visited Parliament House the other day, business leaders described Labor’s 45 per cent emissions reduction target as “economy-wrecking”.

Their concern was the economic dislocation already being caused by our climate policy and, to the extent that they supported the new one, it was as the least bad way to deliver even more emissions reduction while minimising the impact on jobs and growth.

Yet nothing that Australia does to reduce emissions will make the slightest difference to climate, as the Chief Scientist said last year. Of global emissions, China is responsible for 28 per cent, the US 15 per cent, Europe 11 per cent, India 7 per cent and Australia 1.3 per cent.


AUSTRALIA’S Chief Scientist Alan Finkel was recently asked what difference would be made to the climate if Australia somehow managed to stop emitting 100 per cent of its carbon dioxide – “Virtually nothing” Finkel admitted.

AUSTRALIA Lower Troposheric Temperature Anomaly 1978-2018

AUSTRALIA Lower Troposheric Temperature Anomaly 1978-2018. See – NO Australian Under The Age Of 40 Has Experienced Any Global Warming | Climatism

Of the four biggest emitters, China and India have made no Paris commitment to reduce their total emissions and the US has now pulled out.

So when three of the four biggest emitters have no Paris target at all, why should we, especially now that we can start to count the cost — in more expensive cars and in culled herds as well as through more expensive and less reliable power? Knowing what we know now, we would not have made the Paris Agreement. Now that we do know, we should get out of it.

Cattle the next target in climate war | The Australian - CLIMATISM

Cattle the next target in climate war | The Australian

Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement that is driving the NEG would be the best way to keep prices down and employment up; and to save our party from a political legacy that could haunt us for the next decade at least.

Far from “wrecking the government”, MPs worried about energy policy are trying to save it, with a policy that would be different from Labor’s and would give voters the affordable and reliable power they want.

Knowing what we do now, the Paris climate deal is passe | The Australian


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