“Runaway Global Warming” Update: 48,000 Brits Dead After Worst Winter In 42 Years

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48,000 Brits dead after worst winter in 42 years | Daily Star

After a brief mild spell, temperatures are set to dip again in April after the chilliest March in 21 years.

It is estimated that 20,275 Brits more than average died between December 1 and March

An additional 2,000 deaths more than average were expected due to cold conditions between March 23 and 31, this winter’s average death rates show.

Campaigners have called the deaths a “national tragedy” as cold weather victims fatalities could be prevented – especially in the elderly.

48,000 Brits dead after worst winter in 42 years | Daily Star

RIP the 48,000 Brits who have succumbed to the deadly cold of 2018.

A few things come to mind that piss-me-off owing to this tragic loss of life that was and is entirely avoidable, if not for a climate of CO2-centric-global-warming-zealotry from our most trusted ‘experts’:

  • NOAA and NASA GISS’ fabricated global temperature graphs are a deadly scandal.
  • Trenberth’s “missing heat” is a lie.
  • The Climate Crisis Industries “Hottest Year(s) Evah” meme is dangerous. Not only because it tells us everything about ‘global warming’ marketing and nothing about actual “science”. But, tragically, it portends that ‘extreme’ cold, and snow is apparently ‘a thing of the past‘. Clearly the opposite is true with respect to the past five record cold NH winters and winter snowpack data trending upwards.
  • The ideological ‘denial’ by the CO2-centric Climate Crisis Industry that *the Sun* is a minor player in the climate system is a dangerous and deadly lie.
  • The worldwide implementation of TRILLION dollar overarching climate change policies are causing far more harm to people’s lives and the environment, right now, than any supposed 1-2C temp rise could ever do by 2100.
  • Politicians mad with global warming theory have implemented costly green schemes that have made power prices skyrocket making electricity a luxury the very poor cannot afford in winter – the deadliest of seasons.

WHO are the real “deniers”?

H/t @Carbongate


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7 Comments on ““Runaway Global Warming” Update: 48,000 Brits Dead After Worst Winter In 42 Years”

  1. 4TimesAYear says:

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  2. 4TimesAYear says:

    Horrific…..when is this insanity going to end?


  3. The UK will spend trillions to reduce C02 emissions while the real offenders do little | Climatism says:

    […] in the UK, 48,000 succumb to the record cold winter of 2017/18. https://climatism.wordpress.com/2018/04/08/runaway-global-warming-update-48000-brits-dead-after-wors… With that in mind, we really do live in a bizarre world when totally avoidable deaths of thousands […]


  4. Marshall Rosenthal says:

    NOAA is great at measuring El Nino warming but doesn’t bother to tell anyone that it is followed by La Nina, cold weather conditions. They don’t tell you that El Nino-La Nina conditions are cyclic, and they sure will never tell you why. For that you might have to study geology and solar science. Why do you suppose that is?


  5. 2017/18 Record Cold Exposes Lie of Global Warming Narrative | Principia Scientific International says:

    […] Three consecutive “Beasts From The East” caused by super-cold Arctic air have resulted in 48,000 non-heat-related deaths in the UK alone, as the 2017/18 Northern Hemisphere mega-winter rages on well into […]


  6. 48,000 Brits Dead After Worst Winter In 42 Years | Principia Scientific International says:

    […] Read more at climatism.blog […]


  7. State Of The Climate Report | PSI Intl says:

    […] “Runaway Global Warming” Update: 48,000 Brits Dead After Worst Winter In 42 Years | Climatism […]


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