Prof Williams, Jet Streams & Junk Science

“We have here an all too familiar pattern.

Huge grants are handed out to incompetent scientists to hype alarm about global warming. Their work is given a sheen of credibility by a corrupt, pal review system.

In turn, their findings can then be reported via the compliant and frequently biased media as “scientists say” , and thus presented as gospel truth.

More grants naturally follow, and the whole cycle becomes self perpetuating.”

THE nuts and bolts of the hysterical, “self-perpetuating” climate scam right there.


By Paul Homewood

Further to that ridiculous piece in the Telegraph about air travel and climate change, it is worth revisiting two of my posts last year about Paul Williams.

Most of the Telegraph article is centred around his claims about stronger jet streams and more turbulence.

Williams has received more than £700k since 2009 in taxpayer funded grants to research this nonsense. The first post looks at his claims that global warming is strengthening the jet stream. His claim actually flies in the face of basic physics, as a rapidly warming Arctic should reduce its strength.

And as we can see here, other junk scientists such as Dr Jennifer Francis say that it is actually slowing down:

The second post deals with his claim that instances of turbulence are increasing.

We live in an increasingly litigous, bureaucratic and safety conscious age. It would be little surprise if more…

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