Britain To Ban Petrol Cars

WE really are living in the age of collective, global warming insanity. We will look back on this era of virtue-signaling, “save the planet” madness and wonder what the hell were we thinking…

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Here’s yet another green policy that hurts the poor, and from a “Conservative” government.

It’s to cut emissions of nitrogen dioxide, which can cause respiratory problems, but global warming activists love this ban, too:

UK environment secretary Michael Gove has announced plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in Britain by 2040.

This means buyers will have to buy electric cars that are for now much more expensive:

Subsidies clearly drive sales for EVs, which are often double the cost of comparable gasoline-powered vehicles… In fact, a 2015 study found, the richest 20% of Americans received 90% of hundreds of millions in taxpayer EV subsidies… How much must we subsidize our wealthiest families, to save us from manmade planetary disasters that exist only in Al Gore movies and alarmist computer models?

That – and their user unfriendliness – is why

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