Australia’s Great Shame: Renewable Energy Obsession Leaves Pensioners Freezing in the Dark

GREEN, virtue-signaling, wind-obsessed, “save the planet” climate change nuts howl and hiss of “leaving a better place for our children’s, children’s, children blah blah blah”.

AND yet, as they preach their favorite religious eco-meme from the comfort of their air-conditioned and centrally heated, inner-suburban palaces, they couldn’t give a brass razoo about societies most vulnerable – who live on the “planet” RIGHT NOW! – our elderly, pensioners and the impoverished.

SHAME on the groupthink green minority lobby and the suckered in politicians who implement such deadly policies, all for a fake fix to a fake catastrophe.


96 year old Donathan Roe Key: one of the 25% who
can’t afford to heat their homes this winter.

Australia’s maniacal obsession with attempting to power itself on sunshine and breezes has led to ‘The Great Shame’: a 140% increase in the number of homes disconnected from the grid, no longer able to afford power prices rocketing, year-on year, at 16 to 20%, leaving 25% of households unable to heat their homes during the depth of an Australian winter.

Liberal MP, Craig Kelly quite rightly exposed the outrage, pointing to the increased risk of mortality amongst those sitting in homes they can no longer afford to heat: Australia’s Renewable Energy Disaster Puts Lives at Mortal Risk: More Powerless Pensioners Will Freeze to Death this Winter

For his trouble, Craig was attacked with the kind of maniacal zeal not seen since the Spanish Inquisition. Not only did the usual suspects from the…

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One Comment on “Australia’s Great Shame: Renewable Energy Obsession Leaves Pensioners Freezing in the Dark”

  1. pauline cameron says:

    I was always a big fan of the newest technologies. I as well as many people try to stay green and keep the planet, or home, young. We are the ones who are responsible for all the damage we have brought to the planet over centuries and now we have to give back. However, we see that all the things about saving money and energy with the help of loan service is no use to the elderly. Hopefully, the country will quickly get back on its feet and will find a solution to the problem


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