CNN Hyperventilates: Children Won’t Be Able To Breathe, Will Go To Jail If EPA Budget Is Cut

BEFORE you read this, keep in mind that the 40,000ppm CO2 that you are breathing out, with each breath, will mean that “You’re changing the way a child’s lung functions while a child is growing up. That has lifelong implications. You’re shortening a life because somebody develops a heart attack … or dies of an asthma attack, and those are not reversible.”

So, be careful not to breath out when watching CNN.

PA Pundits - International

By Kristine Marsh ~

Cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget are likely to hurt children the most, experts say

— CNN (@CNN) April 13, 2017

CNN tweeted out an article Thursday morning fretting that kids will suffer undue harm if Trump’s EPA budget cut is passed. The long-winded article written by a children’s advocacy group and hosted on CNN’s website, is full of hyperbole and dire warnings backed up by left-wing environmental “experts” that argue the EPA is a life-giving organization crucial to our childrens’ very existence. This flies in the face of actual government watchdog organization findings that show the EPA actually is one of the most wasteful government agencies.

The CNN piece relies heavily on exaggeration and scare tactics. Environmental health experts and professors, warn children will get lead poisoning, go to jail, or get deadly diseases at young ages.

Studies have showed that kids with…

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