Australia’s Renewable Policy Doomed as Labor Party Scuttles Away from Suicidal 50% RET

Virtue-signaling climate RET insanity comes unstuck. LOL


Bill Bill Shorten’s stance on renewable policy as fickle as the wind.


Former union bully boy and billionaire wannabe, Labor opposition leader, Bill Shorten is all over the shop on energy policy.

Terrified witless of the lunatic left and the Greens who, like the tail that wags the dog, have driven the Australian Labor Party into a suicidal push for a 50% RET, Shorten has taken a flogging from an energised Malcolm Turnbull and in his flummoxed response exposed the ALP’s greatest weakness: a power policy that is guaranteed to destroy Australia’s once reliable, secure and affordable electricity supply, much as South Australia’s wind power obsession has turned it into an international laughing stock.

Over the week just gone, it was hard to tell where Shorten and the ALP stood on their ‘aspirational’ 50% RET; and even harder to work out just how much these intellectual pygmies think ‘achieving’ it…

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