Climate Change Stops Play!

We have a winner!
Straight to the top of the “Your SUV controls everything list”!


By Paul Homewood

h/t Dave Nunn/Dave Ward


The BBC gave up any pretence of accuracy or objectivity in its reporting of climate change many years ago.

But this grossly dishonest piece of propaganda is breathtaking even by their standards.

Storms in December 2015 linked to climate change caused more than £3.5m worth of damage to cricket clubs in the UK, says a report.

Two clubs, Sowerby Bridge in West Yorkshire and Appleby Eden in Cumbria, have yet to return to their grounds.

And 130-year-old Corbridge Cricket Club had to have their clubhouse demolished as a result of Storm Desmond.

The England and Wales Cricket Board distributed more than £1m in emergency funding to clubs last year.

And the ECB has also earmarked £1.6m for 2017.

The “Weather Warning” report, which comes from the Climate Coalition, is backed by more than 100 organisations including the WWF-UK, the RSPB, the National…

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