Australian Politics – The Trump Effect – Paul Kelly Demands That The World Stop Spinning

The current political world, climate, reality in a 3 minute nutshell ….

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Paul Kelly is furious that voters are fed up with the political class and demand change.

He lashes out, attacking scapegoats as he confuses cause and effect:

The conservative side of Australian politics is now devouring itself, consumed by personal aggran­disement, ideological delusion and populist fervour in an upheaval likely to destroy the Turnbull government, deliver power to the Labor Party and generate a structural split among conservatives that will weaken their cause for years to come.

snowflakealertThe grandest hoax of our time, pumped out daily by conservative media outlets, is that the present Donald Trump-inspired turbulence will make conservatism in Australia ever stronger. In truth, conservatism in this country is being ­trashed. Every principle and value of genuine conservatism is being ripped up in an orgy of indulgent self-interest that exposes the intellectual and moral weakness of conservatism in Australia and its abject corruption by…

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