You couldn’t make it up!

“We’re going to save the planet and cut CO2 emissions by using diesel generators for back-up!”

All thanks to the crazed eco-obsession with unreliable, weather dependent and intermittent forms of “green” energy – wind and solar.

You literally cannot make this stuff up.

Climate madness on a super-charged level where the schemes, scams and billions upon billions spent to supposedly “save the planet” are doing *actual* harm to people’s lives, economies….and the environment! Far-and-away more harm than any theorised 1-2 degree of warming could ever do by the year 2100!

We really are living in the age of collective eco-insanity.

Roger Helmer MEP

Speech Energy Package Plenary 13 Dec 2016

A recent study from the Westminster parliament indicates that current green policies will cost energy users as much as £300 billion in the UK by 2030.  This will do huge economic damage.

Yet both the National Grid and our energy regulator OfGem are warning that over-reliance on intermittent renewables, coupled with the closure of base-load capacity forced by the Large Combustion Plant Directive, threaten power outages this winter.

The National Grid has responded by doing deals with owners of diesel generators.  Mr. President you couldn’t make it up.  We’re going to save the planet and cut CO2 emissions by using diesel generators for back-up!

They are also looking at what they call “demand management”.  I call it “supply failure”.  That is, getting factories to agree to close at peak demand times.

Mr. President back in Mediæval times, folk who could not afford…

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