Leonardo DiCaprio Meeting with President-elect Donald Trump

The best parts of Leo’s draconian LDF plan are goals 1 and 8 which give him another 34 years to gallivant around the globe in his private jets and party the night away on Saudi-oil yachts. ✈️⚓️💃 Hypocrite.

Watts Up With That?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Donald Trump Leonardo DiCaprio By U.S. Department of State [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons and President-elect Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia CommonsGuest essay by Eric Worrall

Leonardo DiCaprio has met with Donald Trump and his team, to try to convince him to implement a programme of green job creation.

“Today, we presented the President-elect and his advisors with a framework – which LDF developed in consultation with leading voices in the fields of economics and environmentalism – that details how to unleash a major economic revival across the United States that is centered on investments in sustainable infrastructure,” Tamminen said.

Our conversation focused on how create millions of secure, American jobs in the construction and operation of commercial and residential clean, renewable energy generation.”

The Oscar-winning actor has been a strong advocate of fighting climate change and preserving wildlife, and his recent…

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