SHOCK: The ‘Father of global warming’, James Hansen, dials back alarm

From Hansen’s latest statement on climate, it is safe to say that 97% of climate scientists don’t really know what 97% of the climate system is doing or will do.

IMO Anthony’s statement is 100% accurate:

“Combine that with the fact that even as carbon dioxide has been increasing, temperatures have not been upwardly tracking with it, but instead we’ve seen El Niño driven spikes in temperature, which have nothing to do with CO2 sensitivity. *The natural variation of the system still rules the climate.*”

Watts Up With That?

James Hansen: We Have a Little More Time After All (Whew!)

By Robert Bradley Jr.

“Contrary to the impression favored by governments, the corner has not been turned toward declining emissions and GHG amounts…. Negative CO2 emissions, i. e., extraction of CO2 from the air, is now required.”

– James Hansen, “Young People’s Burden.” October 4, 2016.

“The ponderous response of the climate system also means that we don’t need to instantaneously reduce GHG amounts.”

– James Hansen, “We Hold Truths to be Self-Evident December 2,  2016.

What a difference a few months make!

Just in time for holiday season, and for the Trump Administration, the father of the climate alarm, formerly a climate scientist with NASA/GISS, and now a full-time scientist/activist, has ameliorated his grand climate alarm. The 10-year ultimatum announced in 2006, made more dire in 2009 and since, is now moderated.

This October, we were told…

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One Comment on “SHOCK: The ‘Father of global warming’, James Hansen, dials back alarm”

  1. The more knowledge you gain about how the real world behaves, not just climate – but real life behaviour in many different fields with unpredictable “natural variation”, the more likely you are to become a sceptic.

    I hope Hansen lives long enough to become a complete sceptic and realises the appalling blunder of his whole life.

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