U-Haul’s ridiculous carbon reduction scheme 

An amusingly un-subtle example of politically correct corporate “green-washing”! 🍃

Watts Up With That?

Sometimes, you just have to laugh. In the rush to become politically correct and green, some companies really don’t think their policies through very well.

Today as I was traveling back from Thanksgiving holiday I happened to notice a U-Haul vehicle trailer next to me in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Lo and behold in my face was a statement about reducing carbon emissions as you can see in the picture below. Look at the orange label on the inside fender, you may have to click the image to zoom in.

The label reads:

U-Haul Auto Transport – Reduces Carbon Emissions

So, rather than drive your car you should just tow it on this U-Haul trailer using another one.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

While it is technically a correct statement that two engines running would produce [MORE] carbon emissions than one, this is likely offset by the fact that most uses of the…

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