Mad Hatters’ Energy Subsidies Abuse

“Society is subsidized and made wealthy by fossil fuels, not the other way around. Some of that wealth is being diverted to renewable energy companies who do not create enough value to be in business without direct payments of tax dollars. They prove it by declaring bankruptcy when their subsidies are reduced…”

Crony capitalism at its finest.

Science Matters

The recent G20 summit took on the appearance of the Mad Hatter’s tea party (Alice in Wonderland) when the G7 produced a statement saying they are committed to ending “fossil fuel subsidies.” Terence Corcoran of Financial Post (here) on the fossil fuels subsidies folly.

In a sensational bit of reportorial distortion and ignorance, CBC News on Thursday reported that Canada and other G20 nations are “spending US$452-billion a year subsidizing their fossil fuel industries.”

The number comes from Oil Change International, one of scores of front organizations funded by an unholy cabal of activist U.S. foundations — Tides, Hewlitt, Oak, Rockefeller — whose billion-dollar cash pools are being mobilized to rid the world of fossil fuels and reduce the world’s population of messy people. The $452-billion was described as “shocking” by Oil Change activist Alex Doukas, especially since the objective of the coming Paris climate summit is to have…

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