Remote Sensing Systems apparently slips in a ‘stealth’ adjustment to warm global temperature data

Keep an eye on this.

Watts Up With That?

People send me stuff. Today, alert reader Clay Ablitt sends this:

I have been keeping a record of a lot of the different data sets that are put out by RSS and UAH because i believe they are a more reliable data set than NASA or NOAA data.
I noticed in the latest monthly update that added the September data, the historic temperatures were adjusted without any notes or version change.
I have attached the data from August and the newly adjusted data from September for your consideration. This will have an impact on all RSS data sets that include the ocean temperatures such as the global RSS TLT data which has continued to show a pause since February 1997.

He also attached an Excel spreadsheet with two pages, one for each month, a link to which is available here: rss-temperature-trend-sep-oct-2016 (.xlxs)

I checked out the worksheet, and he appears to be correct. There is…

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