King Coal Returns

“When – finally – will reality force warmists to revisit the assumption behind their astonishing record of dud predictions? When will they ask themselves why they have been so wrong so often, and always on the alarmist side?”

Amen to that.

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Global warmists predicted the rains would dry. The dams would drain. The cyclones would grow. The crops would fail. The islands would drown. All false, of course.

And they swore that wicked coal – the cause of it all – would be worthless. Check their predictions – and what’s now happened.

Cartoon -- Global Warming LiesABC’s Four Corners, June 16 last year:

With the price of coal plummeting and our biggest customers turning to renewable energy, is Australia backing a loser?

Ross Gittins, The Sydney Morning Herald, October 14 last year:

In a nutshell … coal’s days are numbered. The rapidly falling price of renewable energy such as wind and solar, combined with the growing resolve of China, the US and others to reduce their emissions, put a dark cloud over the future of coal.

ABC business editor Ian Verrender, The Drum, December 28…

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