In case you missed it…writer James Delingpole puts my novel in context

If they weren’t white and fluffy, the polar bear would not be the favoured cuddly icon of the climate alarmist movement.

And with their numbers expanding, they certainly do represent a “dangerous, out of control pest”, rather than the oppressed symbol of climate Armageddon so deceptively portrayed.


From Saturday 8 October, English journalist, author and broadcasterJames Delingpole (via his Breitbart column) writes about polar bears:

delingpole-8-oct-2016-headlineThe Truth About Polar Bears: They’re a Dangerous, Out of Control Pest…

Crockford is the author of a Jaws-style thriller on ravenous polar bears killing humans called Eaten. At least one polar scientist who has read it considers its “science-based scenario” to be frighteningly plausible.

In field-level polar bear management circles, people don’t talk about the kind of scenario that forms the premise of this novel as an “if”. Instead, they describe it as a “when” and they are not looking forward to it.


Eek is right! The book has been nightmare-inducing for many readers. Put EATEN on your Christmas shopping list (all purchase options here). It makes a great gift and supports the work I do here. Colleagues have said their young adult children…

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