Evidence that multidecadal Arctic sea ice has turned the corner

That major tenet of “global warming” theory – polar amplification – not going to plan in the Arctic.

Coupled with record multi-decadal expansion of the Antarctic ice mass, with record human CO2 emissions emitted over the same period, it would appear “global warming” theory is skating on thin ‘ice’!

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Javier*

Arctic sea ice has been on a declining trend since at least 1979, and probably since the bottom of the Little Ice Age. 2007 was a bad year for Arctic sea ice. It got to a low maximum in March, although not as low as the previous year that still holds the record, and then it proceeded to melt an impressive 1.5 million km2 more (15% ice extent data) than a year earlier, reaching values that were not expected to happen until the 2030’s. This gigantic drop, the biggest on record, triggered a concerted campaign on the media that surely didn’t hurt Al Gore’s chances of winning his Peace Nobel Prize over Irena Sedler, a Polish lady that saved 3,000 babies during WWII, that died the next year.

Ever since we have been subjected to a fear campaign over a “dying”, “screaming”, or “in a…

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