The Tambora Eruption

Great climatic analogy exposing the utter hubris and arrogance of mankind’s (religious) quest to control the climate, spending trillions on schemes and scams to attempt to stop bad weather and an increment of (modelled) warning that would, most probably, be beneficial to humanity.


By Paul Homewood

Caldera Mt Tambora Sumbawa Indonesia.jpg

Aerial view of the caldera of Mount Tambora, formed during the colossal 1815 eruption.

The BBC Today programme on Friday last week featured an interview with Professor Hazel Rymer, a vulcanologist, on the topic of the Mount Tambora eruption of 1815.

At about 2 hours 56 minutes into the programme, the following exchange took place with John Humphreys, regarding the drop in global temperatures:

RYMER: As far as we can tell, the temperature did drop over the following summer by about 0.7C.

HUMPHREYS: Well not a huge amount.

RYMER: Well it does not sound very much does it?

What makes this conversation stand out is that only last year the BBC ran a TV programme, Climate Change by Numbers, which used three different “numbers” to persuade us all how dangerous climate change was supposed to be.

One of these numbers was 0.85C, the…

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