Brits Slash Subsidies to Wind Power as South Australia’s ‘Green Dream’ Turns Nightmare

Water always finds its level. Reason prevails.


theresa may Theresa May: the wind industry’s worst nightmare.


STT followers might be wondering at our present obsession with South Australia’s wind powered, energy calamity.  However, we haven’t forgotten about the rest of the world.  Our focus, we think, is justified; as South Australia stands as the perfect and inevitable example of what happens when you try to run an economy on sunshine and breezes.

We haven’t overlooked the place that post-Brexit Brits now occupy, with Theresa May taking an axe to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, finishing off the job started by David Cameron when he slashed wind power subsidies and gave rights of veto over wind farm planning decisions back to local communities. DECCs was peopled by Trotskyites, hell-bent with slathering these things all over Britain. Now its gone.

In this clever little piece by Nick Cater, it’s evident that the UK is well on the path…

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