New Coal and Gas Plants For Africa & India

There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth over at the UN World Bank (who suspended coal-funding to 3rd-world countries like Africa) and weeping in the halls of the climate crisis industry, as some of the 1.3 billion people who have NO electricity, at all, finally get to see the light!

Thankfully for the climate zealot brigade, there are plenty more carbon spewing Paris climate gabfests inked in to preach climate salvation and spread their unclean, unwanted, unnecessary and unreliable (renewable) energy fantasies – wind & solar.


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One Comment on “New Coal and Gas Plants For Africa & India”

  1. chaamjamal says:

    The thing about poverty is that these people are also energy poor
    and they need to increase their energy consumption and co2 emission
    until they get to a wealth level at which their values change
    to conservation, sustainability, and climate change mitigation

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