US Wind Industry ‘Built’ on $176 Billion of Other Peoples’ Money

The entire ‘climate change’ industry is built on “other people’s money”. That’s why we are where we are at.

UN elites can preach doom and gloom without ever having to reach into their own pockets and suffer ‘Fuel Poverty’, like millions of others who live under the ‘unreliable’ energy “save the planet” mandate.




If recycling is an environmental ‘good’, then the wind industry can proudly wear its ability to recycle hundreds of $Billions of other peoples’ money as a badge of honour.

Take a product which – as it can only ever be delivered at crazy random intervals and can’t be economically stored – has NO commercial value and you’ll tend to find willing buyers few and far between.

In Australia’s wind power capital, South Australia, thanks to REC subsidies worth more than double what conventional power costs to produce, wind power outfits actually pay the grid manager (up to $20 per MWh) to take their skittish wares (see our post here). That market perversity has left SA with the highest retail power prices in Australia (by a factor of 2) and a grid on the brink of collapse (see our post here).

But the wind industry’s ‘recycling’ efforts…

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