Wind Power May Be The Greatest Scam of Our Age.

Bang on.

American Elephants

The wind power industry is in a panic. The deal to renew a tax credit failed on Thursday in Washington. This will have major ramifications where installations of wind projects are planned. Without the subsidy, wind goes out of business.

Christopher Booker points out the problems in Britain’s Daily Mail.  Governmental obsession with wind is an enormous political blunder. Under an agreement with the European Union, Britain is committed within ten years — at enormous expense — to generate nearly a third of its electricity from renewable sources. He lists 3 major reasons why it is a gigantic fraud:

  1. Promoters speak entirely about “capacity” which means the energy a turbine could produce if all conditions were perfect all the time. Doesn’t happen. Wind is, by its very nature, intermittent, and requires backup from a conventional power plant whenever the wind is not blowing. The expense of putting up wind farms…

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