Why would it be different this time?

“The aim of the eco-ideology is in reality another society – undemocratic and dictatorial. Ecology here is only an instrument….”

“Climate change is a dangerous undemocratic ideology.”

Roald J. Larsen

First a little science. Data Models vs. empirically measured temperature:


Why doesn’t temperature increase when CO2 increase? According to the red line it should. Because CO2 doesn’t produce energy (heat), in fact it cools the planet’s atmosphere .. Here’s how:

Physics Proves Radiating Gases Decrease Global Temperature It Can Quantify How Much, About -0.086C/Doubling

Decarbonization “gross nonsense”

“On the endeavor to “protect the climate” through cutting CO2 emissions, something often called decarbonization, Lüdecke calls it “gross nonsense” and tells us that a changing climate is “a law of nature“. He adds that there is no evidence that CO2 is “harmful to the climate” and that it strongly warms it”.

Lüdecke tells the DAV that strong warming is found only in models that use dubious assumptions and effects:

Whether or not these effects are based on reliable data is of no interest to the modelers. This is how one gets the…

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3 Comments on “Why would it be different this time?”

  1. Denis Rancourt says:

    Sorry, the “physics” to which you link, at “Principia Scientific” is TOTAL garbage. You hurt yourself by linking to that crap. Really.


    • Climatism says:

      The physics of “climate change” alarmism is that 97% of IPCC CMIP5 climate model predictions are running too hot.
      Observed temperature reality versus overheated climate models, via a simple graph explain your angered reply.
      I hope CO2 eventually, somehow cooks the planet for your ideological sake.


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