USGS appears to be removing its websites claiming all glaciers will be melted from Glacier National Park by 2030

“Why do I suspect the USGS has chosen not to seek funds for new aerial photography because such photography will show that GNP’s GLACIERS HAVE GROWN SINCE 2005.” !!

A great example of deliberate and organised Government funded man-made global warming alarmism that appears rife within Government funded institutions.

Another example which proves – unfortunately and sadly – that Government agencies appear the last places to seek the truth on global warming, climate change, global weirding or whatever they choose to call it on any particular day!

Watts Up With That?

Government is apparently removing its websites claiming Glacier National Park will be glacier free by 2030


by Dr. Roger Roots, founder of Lysander Spooner University.

In the fall of 2015 I offered a bet of $5,000 if the glaciers at Glacier National Park disappear by 2030 (as predicted in all GNP signage, pamphlets, films and publications). See here. As of yet, no one has taken me up on my bet.

The Park’s glaciers were melting rapidly throughout the 1990s, as the catastrophic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 movement was riding high. Bills were introduced in Congress for “cap and trade” programs, carbon taxes and other reforms.

The National Park Service, and the U.S. Geological Survey published websites showing photos of the Park’s glaciers taken in prior decades next to more recent photos of the same glaciers. This ‘repeat photography’ showed massive decreases in the size of the GNP glaciers.

(I have often pointed out…

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