Massive Greenland Fraud Is Rapidly Growing

NASA GISS’ asphalt car park and airport based, UHI affected thermometers are much more accurate records of global temperature than satellite, visual and or historical ones combined. /sarc

Real Science

Last summer, University of California scientists made this hysterical claim about the Zachariae Isstrom glacier in northeast Greenland.


Massive northeast Greenland glacier is rapidly melting, UCI-led team finds

It’s a great story, only problem is it is a complete fabrication. If anything, the glacier has grown since 2012.


2012: EOSDIS Worldview 2015 : EOSDIS Worldview

In 1940, scientists reported that glaciers in Northeast Greenland were receding very rapidly, and were “nearing a catastrophe.


06 May 1940 – Greenland’s Climate Becoming Milder – Trove

The glaciers are still there, there is no catastrophe, and the only thing that has changed is that the fraudsters at NASA have erased the 1940’s warmth in that region.


If the glaciers were receding rapidly in 1940 and are not now, then it must have been warmer in 1940 than it is now. But logic and data are not a part of the criminal venture…

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2 Comments on “Massive Greenland Fraud Is Rapidly Growing”

  1. The big question people like NASA have to answer is this: if it’s so “obvious” that satellites were worse than surface data as they vehemently insist – why on earth did we waste so much money launching these satellites?

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    • Climatism says:

      Precisely. And if satellites are so inaccurate, why did they change sea level data readings from tidal gauges to satellites?!
      (Obviously because tide gauges read a lower rate of sea-level rise than satellite data. Cherry picking to suit the CAGW narrative.)


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