How corrupt is government climate science?

From the credible evidence below, one must conclude with 97% certainty that man-made climate change, global warming, global disruption, global weirding or whatever they call it now, is 97% made up by environmental activist government bureaucrats and UN IPCC activist scientists. Shock news (/sarc).

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By Paul Homewood


We know that the IPCC Summary for Policymakers (SPM) does not always reflect what is actually in the scientific chapters. But evidence is now emerging that the US State Dept has attempted to influence what was written in both the SPM and chapters.

Ron Arnold has this damning essay on CFACT:

Many have suspected that U.S. political intervention in climate science has corrupted the outcome. The new emergence of an old 1995 document from the U.S. State Department to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change confirms those suspicions, or at least gives the allegation credence enough to ask questions.

It’s troubling that a FOIA lawsuit came up empty – “no such correspondence in our files” – when the old 1995 document was requested from the U.S. State Department late last year. This raises a certain ironic question: If I have a copy of your…

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One Comment on “How corrupt is government climate science?”

  1. It started by politicised “government” knowingly being corrupt and pushing a political agenda. But then as government controlled grant pressure caused the supposed “science” to start to follow the corruption, the “science” started to “support” the corrupt view. Then “government” seeing how the “science” now supported its corrupt view, felt that they should push it further. And each time around the cycle government feeds on corrupt “science” and corrupt “science” responds to corrupt “government” creating a vicious corruption re-enforcing cycle.

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