NSIDC Caught Cooking The Books

Read this to see government climate data manipulation and misinformation in action.

“Disgracefully, NSIDC have now deleted the archives for all of the older style maps.”

“Just like NOAA and GISS, it is evident that we can no longer trust anything coming out of NSIDC.”

Another example of why – tragically – government funded organisations have become almost the last places to hear the truth about climate change.


By Paul Homewood


Tony Heller has a couple of posts up at Real Science, which seem to expose some extremely dodgy behaviour on the part of NSIDC.

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One Comment on “NSIDC Caught Cooking The Books”

  1. It seems to me that the less anyone really cares about this data, the more they change it …. or is it the other way around … the more they change it the less anyone cares about it.

    All we really know is that either the first version OR the second version OR both are wrong.

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