Climate Models Are Running Too Hot. The CSIRO’s, Too

97% of climate models say that 97% of climate scientists are wrong.

…..yet climate has become an obsession where we continue to spend trillions of dollars on climate change policy based on predictive models that do not accord with observed reality.

We are living in the age of collective eco-insanity.

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Michael Asten, professor of geophysics at Monash University, warns against trusting the climate models that predicted dangerous heating of the planet:


Cuts to the government-funded climate change program at the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) coincide with a powerful critique of climate models by John Christy in a US congressional committee hearing…

Christy, a distinguished professor of atmospheric science and the Alabama state climatologist, presented the graph reproduced here showing the remarkable failure of a set of 102 predictions via climate models, as created by groups around the world, to provide a model trend (in red) matching observed warming of the global atmosphere across the past 20 years.

Observed data from two independent datasets (weather balloons and satellites) shows a rate of warming for 1995-2015 that is a factor of 2.5 lower than the averaged predictions from those of 102 modelling groups scattered around…

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  1. […] models say that 97% of climate scientists are wrong.  Models Are Running Too Hot”.  Check the graph at the head of this […]


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