The Fakery of Global Warming Science

“Global Warming” theory runs on “tipping point” hysteria, where by the 10 extra molecules of man-made CO2 that enter the Rose Bowl, have complete and devastating control over the other 39,990 watching the game.

“Global Warming/Climate Change” was never about the environment. It’s about controlling the most important thing in your life, (other than family and friends) your energy consumption.

Roald J. Larsen

The AGW hypothesis says Carbon Dioxide, CO2 (the stuff coming out of my old SAAB) prevent heat escaping out of the atmosphere which, in turn, leads to a warmer planet.

There are 2,500 air molecules around each CO2 molecule in the atmosphere.

Let’s imagine that every molecule is the same as 1 meter in this thought experiment. 2500 meter + 1 meter (CO2).

Let’s say this is the width of a dam spillway, 2501 meters, where excess water flows out when being overflowed by heavy rainfall or by spring floods, naturally designed to protect the dam from damages.

Also imagine you can close or block the spillway, one individual meter, or locks at the time, in any order you wish. I.e any locks, but only 1 of the 2501 locks.

If 2500 locks / meter (2,5 km.!!) are open and one gate, 1 meter, or one locks, is closed ..

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